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These two SO CALLED House of Representative leaders (from ‘The Squad’) pretend to be hand-cuffed (with both hands behind their backs), yet when they walk close to be being out of view of the camera………raise a hand in the air and wave to onlookers. This appears to be staged. They were protesting in front of the Supreme Court (blocking traffic) when they were supposedly arrested. Looks like they may have been simply led away.

Most overly paid clowns in America!

K-Baby’s Latest Misadventure — The Lone Cactus

If she is as dumb as her speech writers, and I believe she is……….. her thoughts and words are shared by others, within her circle. They could be trying to clean up what she says (her speech writers), but can’t. Seriously, people that follow/lead people like Biden and Harris don’t have much smarts. If they did, they wouldn’t be with them. It is really worse than the blind leading the blind (I am not being offensive to sightless people). The blind in the political sense are those carrying social ignorance around and poison everyone they come in contact with, especially those easily manipulated like Biden and Harris. The scheme to put two knuckleheads together that THEY can control has backfired historically. Greatest miscalculation of rule in the history of man. (Arlin Report comment)

Poor K-baby Harris. She just can’t seem to catch a break. Time after time, Harris addresses the media, especially on what she feels are “women’s issues”. So, when Harris was talking to reporters after the Supreme Court released the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, which effectively over-turned Roe v. Wade, she was beside herself. In the […]

K-Baby’s Latest Misadventure — The Lone Cactus


The video is nearly 2 hours long, and chances are you’ll not even open the link. If we allow this to go unchallenged as the corrupt State Houses, courts and our Supreme Court have chosen to ignore, then voting will no longer ever be fair; and your voice taken away. Yes ignore! The new way of saying there is no evidence/no proof is to ignore it. Saying it is not there even when it is presented to you under your nose, is the new (hell maybe its business as usual) way of saying “there is no proof, just move on”.

Whether you voted for Trump, or voted for Biden but you still want an honest election, then you absolutely need to take the time to watch this video link. You’ll spend over 3 hours watching the Super Bowl! What is that going to do for your future, your kids future? Watch it soon, it’ll probably be taken down before long; Big Tech and CONGRESS don’t want you to see it. SEE WHAT THEY REFUSED TO SEE!


America I’m Glad I Knew Ya — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Dr. Robert Owens Chronicles the History of the Future: The Supreme Court refused to accept the Texas case.  In effect, ruling that accusations brought by multiple states of clear violations of the Constitution in the theft of an election are not worth their time to review.  Justice Samuel Alito issued a statement with the dismissal…

America I’m Glad I Knew Ya — The way I see things …

ruth bader ginsburg a tipsy nap at state of the union……..and who decides on replacement

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Took a Tipsy Nap at the State of the Union

When RBG fell asleep at the State of the Union address, it really was no big deal. How many listen anyway?

The argument has begun on who should nominate Ginsburg’s replacement to the Supreme Court.

Here is the skinny on that: It does not make any difference who is in the White House, a Democrat or a Republican………..each party is going to fight to gain the “chance/right” to make that selection. Democrats will argue that the nomination should be delayed, so if a miracle happens and they win the election…….they can nominate the Justice. They’ll even say it was Ginsburg’s dying wish not to let Trump nominate her replacement…..and maybe it was; but, it is still the sitting president’s decision to make.

The Democrats are cringing to think Trump will name another Supreme Court Justice. They will do anything/say anything not to let that happen. If the roles were reversed the Republican’s would do the same. EVERYBODY wants to change the rules when their party is not in the Oval Office.

It is Trump’s decision to make and the Democrats, not Nancy Pelosi, not Joe Biden, not Chuck Schumer, not even Adam Schiff or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez can do a damn thing about it. Oh, crazy Chuck can vote no when it is put to a vote……..but that is all folks. They will pull every dirty trick in the book to delay. We’ll hear of new scandals, mark my words.

Ask yourself: If Hillary had been elected president what do you think she would do? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WOULD DO!

Joe Biden Pledges to Appoint Barack Obama to Supreme Court if He Wins 2020 Election — CHAMOSAURIO

We can not allow this to happen. It would only get swampier. I don’t think Biden will get elected to begin with. However, shouldn’t Republicans have an “INSURANCE PLAN”? Isn’t that how it works? (comment by The ArlinReport)

Barack Obama himself reportedly remains downbeat about Joe Biden’s 2020 election bid, claiming that the former US Vice President lacks an “intimate bond” with electorate. Democratic presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden has again suggested that the Obamas would be given important jobs in his administration should he win the 2020 Presidential election. […]

Joe Biden Pledges to Appoint Barack Obama to Supreme Court if He Wins 2020 Election — CHAMOSAURIO


Claire McCaskill is in a fight for her Senate seat, a liberal, far left seat (Democrat, as if I need to remind you).   Claire’s campaign ads are designed to convince Missouri voters that she is a “moderate” (an in the middle, independent thinker).   That could not be further from the truth.   Claire McCaskill is a Hillary/Obama follower, one of their lost puppies.   Undercover videos now show Claire’s own staff saying “…….people can’t know that.”, on Claire’s position on gun control, telling voters one thing but supporting the opposite; she is far to the left on gun control.    Claire is not in the middle, not a moderate.

Claire McCaskill is a far left, liberal as it gets Democrat.  A vote for Claire is a vote for Chuck Schumer.   Yes Schumer and McCaskill, the do anything it takes to keep Brett Kavanaugh from be confirmed to the Supreme Court fake moderates!

O’Keefed! Sen. Claire McCaskill BUSTED over views on guns, immigration —

Supreme Court could announce fate of Trump ‘travel ban’ and refugee ceiling reduction at any time — Brittius

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch: According to AP at ABC News, here, they have likely already decided and an announcement will come next week. ? Which way will they go? ? There are two major issues at stake (maybe more than two, but two for me!). The first is whether the President has the…

via Supreme Court could announce fate of Trump ‘travel ban’ and refugee ceiling reduction at any time — Brittius


From Stilton Jarlsberg: History was made yesterday when, for the first time since our nation became a nation, Democrats filibustered an exemplary Supreme Court Nominee because – and we’ve got plenty of political scientists and analysts to back us up on this – they’re complete and total assholes. The only way around this epic act…

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