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Hillary Superdelegate Awaiting His Prison Sentence — MN Prager Discussion Group

(Birds of a feather, flock together!) Clinton superdelegate disbarred while awaiting prison sentencing by Jazz Shaw at HotAir……(article sent by California Cole:) “Just a quick update on the superdelegate situation for the Democrats this evening. Normally we’d be talking about which of the army of superdelegates is backing which candidate or how they might […]

via Hillary Superdelegate Awaiting His Prison Sentence — MN Prager Discussion Group



You all have heard many Little Johnnie jokes…..where Little Johnnie is asked a question by his teacher and he answers with something profound or shocking.   Will the Democrats don’t have Little Johnnie, no, Johnnie has too much sense and reasoning; but they do have Little Debbie.

DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Superdelegates Exist So That Party Insiders Don’t Have to Compete for Office With “Grassroots candidates.”

The public is already angry, pissed off with establishment Democrats and Republicans.   Americans are waking up from the business as usual government we have slumbered with for so long.  The comment from Little Debbie only shakes the public more with rage.  The Superdelegate scam the party has will only outrage voters in New Hampshire more.  They are angry to begin with that politicians do not listen to or follow through with promises. Our replacement policy is to do so by voting corrupt scoundrels out of office.   The party system (no reference to Mr Trump) trumps that system, where the establishment keeps or places THEIR select choice/plant right where they want.   Many of these Superdelegates are present and old dog politicians; hence the ESTABLISHMENT, those that have failed us.

The DNC has to be really happy with Little Debbie’s exposure to their backroom deals.  The Superdelegates will vote according to the establishment chosen select and preferred nominee.   Gee Little Debbie, the secret of your plot is now public…….those things are normally kept ” hush quiet”.    Oh we knew about the Superdelegates, but thanks for the info “so that Party Insiders don’t have to compete with grassroots candidates ” (low life candidates); even though I think we would figure it out.  Essentially New Hampshire, your vote means nothing.   This is how elections get rigged.