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why are you suffocating yourself………it isn’t healthy!

Why are some people getting a sore throat from wearing a mask? - Times of  India
Times of India

Have you ever been in a room for a long time, the windows are closed and the air isn’t circulating. You recycle air back into your lungs. It gets stuffy and the fresh air is gone. IT ISN’T HEALTHY! It smells bad and it taste worse! Many people will tell you COVID-19 was about the vaccine. Will that is only part of it, THE MASKS. Getting folks to do as they say, to see if we would follow their BULLSHIT! That and, if the COVID doesn’t kill you, breathing into a masks for 2 years will! I don’t smoke (except an occasional cigar with some bourbon once in awhile); but I’d rather smoke than go around wearing that piece of cloth over most of my face all the time. Covering the mouth and nose? We use to call that suffocation! That is what has been happening, they have been suffocating us, MORE WAYS THAN ONE! WAKE UP! Especially if you got the vaccine! If you still have to wear the masks, that is an underlying message, the vaccines don’t work! Maybe you just get sick like you always have, a bad cold! Bad colds can kill people, especially older people. Here is where they failed!!!! The death rate in 2020 was no higher than the previous years. Someone has been feeding us a bag of crap for sometime. Fauci is a POS!

Take that damn thing off an breathe again! You have a right to fresh air!