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16 X 20 oil on canvas: Old Tree

I did this painting in a little over an hour. Mostly a lot a scrubbing with the brush on the sky and landscape. Put base color of tree on with a 1 inch brush then used a waded paper towel to remove some of the dark paint to lighten areas for some texture.

I do have to give credit to Stuart Davies. I was watching one of his videos as he was demonstrating a near identical (at least very similar) scene. His sky is a bit different than mine, as well as the foreground landscape. The tree itself is very close to what he did, but better. I think Davies only used two colors, Paynes Gray and some white, very little white (monotone). I chose Paynes Gray, white and Ultramarine Blue.

I love using his technique!


These two landscapes I did by using a technique I am learning from Stuart Davies. Davies is a Brit living in France, where he paints and teaches. He does videos roughly 45 min to over an hour long often, demonstrating his technique. He uses his paint brush(es) and frequently paper towels to scrub in the paint. He does not usually use photographs as a reference. Most of his subject matter is from imagination as he goes along…….as he says (I don’t always know where it’s taking me!’) He does paint landscapes of actually places but uses his memory. The paintings may only look similar to places he has been. Davies does mostly landscapes and loves doing clouds (stormy and colorful). He is a cloud painting genius. But, he will tell you “anyone can do it!”.

Many of his videos are free to view. I have learned a great deal from watching them. Some of the things he does I am still trying to grasp. He is also an individual to learn glazing . He gives lessons, but I have yet to go there. He isn’t cheap and he shouldn’t be.

16 X 20………Storm Cloud Over Valley
16 X 20 Cloudy Day