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arlin report thought(s) of the day: the real reason they remove our statues

Below is the link to the story about the Boston elitists (not leaders, though they call themselves such) who removed a statue of Lincoln that had been in a park since the 1880s.

These morons remove these reminders of our culture, our past, our history………..because they are the same people that are against teaching our history in our schools in the first place. They are apart of the dumbing down squad. They’re attempting (successfully I might add) is to do away with our history from our minds and to keep it from our children. This way they can brainwash our youth to their SOCIALISM. They are determining what shall be our only history………the history they make, they decide and they force upon us. WE MUST END THIS MADNESS. Socialism……..when a few decide for all. They will engrain in us that only they know what is best for us. This is the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party. They will do whatever it takes, no matter how wrong or immoral as they have no morals.


Statues, Symbols, and the Cross. — Holly T. Ashley

As I shake my head in disbelief and total embarrassment while watching countless cowardly mayors and governors allow the lawless mobs tear down statues of our American history – I am disgusted. We all learn from history. Good history and bad history, it all happened and from it we all learn what is good about […]

Statues, Symbols, and the Cross. — Holly T. Ashley

What will be removed next? Religion?: ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY


Anyone can claim anything to be offensive.   Your neighbor may have a purple house you find ugly.   Does it offend you?  Young males and females are loudly vulgar on the metro, that is not only offensive, hateful things are being said and they show no respect for other passengers.   BUT……..they aren’t being removed.    So, lets take historic statues down, because its a reminder of our past, because some group finds it offensive.   I would question how many of these people even know the history.    Not really, they stopped teaching it in schools.   Children today are more likely to learn how to color their hair purple, stick rings through their noses, how to wear pants half way down their asses, and where to get the most offensive tattoos.

Whats next?   Religion?  When will they start pulling down religious statues.   Will offended Muslims/and or any other group start demanding the Catholic Church pull down their statues, symbols?

I’ve walked or driven past Confederate statues before myself.   Funny, I’ve never had one speak to me, shout-out at me, spit on me or even rap out offensive lyrics.   They just stood their minding their own stiff business, reminding us of what once was and apparently reminding us that not much has really changed, has it?


Liberals and sensitive minds believe you can prevent repeating history by destroying history, all things that remind us of a past.  It is the past that builds the character of a present and future.   Not all of which is good, but lessons to be learned from the good and bad.

Seems to me the best way to repeat the past, is to have no trails that lead back to it.  Pooof………destroy it and it never happened.   Take down that statue it hurts my feelings.  How does that happen when you never learned what it represented in the first place?

Instead of building and rebuilding highways we pull down monuments.