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#13 St. Louis, Missouri: Since the Ferguson riots, the entire state of Missouri has seen a sharp increase in violence. This has culminated in the city of St. Louis, which had a 2017 murder rate of 65.83 per hundred thousand people. There are thousands of violent crimes each year in the city, which only has a population of about 320,000 people.

I would question the accuracy of this list some what, though I do not doubt the #13th position of St. Louis.  How is Chicago, not on this list?



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What should be an ideal geographic and economic location for Amazon’s sweepstakes for its 2nd headquarters is likely to be given only mild consideration.  St. Louis would be the near perfect location, centrally located, Mississippi River, a major airport, railways etc. etc. etc.   However its major, and I mean major roadblock(s) is a labor force lowly trained, a high protest/riotous area and high crime, which includes shootings and murder.   Why would Amazon build or purchase a building/facility that risks having its windows knocked out or burned?

There are as many negatives about coming to St. Louis as positives.  Regional attitude of its citizenry is a huge problem.   Its called racial unrest……..   Why would Amazon take such a risk?  I could be surprised, but I’m guessing Amazon goes elsewhere!


George Soros, paying protesters……..apparently has found plenty of people in St. Louis to spread his hate and agenda of division to destroy this country.   For nearly 2 weeks now on a daily basis protesters and rioters are in the streets of ST. Lou and  the county; even neighboring St. Charles County following the Jason Stokely trial.   Gather up all the unemployed and lazy, give them a few bucks to march and smash and Soros has his own low paid army.

George doesn’t even have to race in with out of towners like he did with Ferguson.  Protesters aren’t going to be happy until laws are changed that 1) cops don’t chase their darling little thugs when they rob a convenience store at gun point 2) to make robbery and murder legal, because too many of their children are being arrested and shot by cops 3) make vandalism and looting legal because its a gang, protesters thang now and for some a hobby.    Hobbies shouldn’t be illegal.

I need to go for now, to get my work done, so I can get out of the office on time……..there’s another protest scheduled for five PM this evening.   Need to be off the street so the little bunnies can play!



So now, 8 year olds/3rd graders take a knee during national anthem at a little league/grade school football game.   The NFL does it, so should we!   The coach defended this act by calling it a “learning moment”.   A few will always follow the action of a few, with or without any understanding.

I’m not going to get into the details of what brought this about, but NFL players were taking a knee long before the Jason Stockley trial in St. Louis was even a story.  But the boys on the east side of the Mississippi River used that and the NFL as their motivation.

What is lost or probably more accurately,  never was, is these same kids were never taught how they got the right to kneel in protest/for any cause, which they can yet explain.   They kneel and turn their back to the flag……..  the flag that represents their right to do so.   When you do that, you turn your back to all those men and women who died for that flag and your rights, all of your rights; which especially include freedom of speech and expression.    Learn some history before you paint your own history.   How many of those kids will some day join the military or become officers of the law and look back and say, “what the hell was I thinking”.    Do not judge until you have all the facts.  People don’t want to do that.   We all have a right to an opinion, this is mine.


PHOTO: A woman runs past a broken window as police try to clear a violent crowd Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, in University City, Mo.


It wasn’t enough for rioters to show their ignorant bones in the Central West End on Friday night.   Saturday evening/ and late night following a three hour peaceful march/demonstration in the Delmar Loop (University City/and edge of St. Louis City, most of the protesters went home.   A group of rioters remained to confront and agitate police officers.   More officers had to be brought in for the smaller crowd than was present earlier in the day for the peaceful march.    Rioters proceeded to shatter windows in this popular business district of Blueberry Hill.  Nearly every business had windows smashed.

The West County Mall (St. Louis County) earlier in the day had hundreds of protesters march through the inside of the mall, disturbing the peace of shoppers.   Apparently, that is the demonstrators purpose, to disrupt the peace and profits.

Disruption of peace and destruction of property benefits no one!   It only makes things worse far as empathy and sympathy.   The peaceful demonstrations are offset by violence.  The violence gains more attention than the message of peaceful demonstrations.   Rioters do not care about a cause, they are destructive lawbreakers.

You can not ask for understanding when violence overshadows the benefits of communication.

PHOTO: People overturn trash cans and throw objects as police try to clear a violent crowd Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, in University City, Mo.