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arlin report thought(s) of the day: rights dwindling before our eyes

St. Louis couple charged for pulling, waving guns at protest

The now infamous McCloskey’s (St. Louis) never invited protesters onto their property, but they came. They (the protesters) broke through a gate to enter this gated community in the Central West End (St. Louis). That act alone reversed any claim of a “peaceful” protest. That is destruction of property. That is trespassing. The McCloskey’s never went off their own property. They were threatened by the “peaceful” protesters. Oh and by the way, one thing the MEDIA fails to mention, at least one protester was carrying a gun. These protesters were wearing masks and not the kind for health purposes or concerns but the kind so mommy, daddy and the cops would not recognize them; you now an act burglars and bank robbers wear. Also, law enforcement weren’t interested in protecting the McCloskey’s, they were not present. Were they Ms. Kim Gardner ( Prosecutor who has filed criminal felony charges). This is the same prosecutor (a joke of one) who released arsonists and looters the following day, of these “peaceful” protesters.

The state of Missouri allows you to defend yourself and your property. So we thought! This prosecutor is interpreting the laws (twisting them) the way she wants, to get what she wants. She has done this before.

What we are seeing is LOSS OF RIGHTS, and it is happening before our very eyes.

Developing story: Shooting reported at the St. Louis Galleria Mall — FOX 2

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO. – St. Louis County Police say that there has been a shooting at the Galleria Mall. There is a heavy police presence in the area. Several ambulances are also in the mall’s parking lot. The extent of the injuries in this shooting is not known at this time. This is a breaking…

Developing story: Shooting reported at the St. Louis Galleria Mall — FOX 2

The St. Louis Galleria Mall was at one time a very nice, mostly safe place to shop. Businesses have left, more on their way out I am sure. It has become nothing more than a gang’s and thug’s hangout. Shoppers no longer feel safe inside the mall or in the parking lots and garages. Lawlessness has taken over the mall.

These thugs are destroying our cities.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: democratic mayor of st. louis lyda krewson

St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson releases protesters' addresses on ...
New York Post photo

Apparently the mayor of St. Louis has already defunded the St. Louis Police Department. Six calls for police assistance failed for a Catholic prayer group at the Statue of St. Louis in Forest Park (St. Louis). You have it, no police showed up as the prayer group was being assaulted by BLM and anti-American protesters (rioters). Krewson is a Democrat. Go figure.

BIGOTRY: Catholics Attacked by BLM at Prayer Event at Statue of St. Louis — Reinke Faces Life

On Saturday a Catholic prayer event in front of the St. Louis statue in Missouri was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters. Violence broke out at the event as Black Lives Matter members attacked participants of the prayer event. Source: Catholics Attacked by BLM at Prayer Event at Statue of St. Louis # – # […]

BIGOTRY: Catholics Attacked by BLM at Prayer Event at Statue of St. Louis — Reinke Faces Life

tearing it back down after building it back up. nothing learned, nothing gained in ferguson or across america

Some protesters watch as other protesters and police exchange lobs of fireworks and smoke grenades across South Florissant Road Saturday night May 30, 2020.

Businesses trashed, burned, jobs that were alive during a virus pandemic are now gone. This isn’t 2014 Ferguson, this is 2020 Ferguson. The questions are the same! The answers are the same. The rhetoric has not changed, we hear the same discussions. In reality NOTHING has been learned, nothing has been gained. We continue on a down hill spiral.

Ferguson set the blueprint for protesting and spinning it to rioting 6 years ago, and these protesting/rioting groups (Antifa and BLM) learned well. We see it in Minneapolis, New York, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Seattle, St. Louis…………nearly all the big cities across America.

I have been slow to blame Democrats for the destruction, the idea that Democrats want to tear down America……..lead it to a 3rd world country. But, I was awake at 1:30 to 2:00 AM Central Time last evening (actually early morning), that is 2:30 to 3:00 AM Eastern Time/NEW YORK TIME. America’s largest police force was NOWHERE to be seen while looters (criminal thugs) were going into and back out of Chanel and other businesses carrying merchandise after breaking out (vandalizing) windows. They weren’t even rushing to get away, they could not have been more casual. It is as if they knew the cops weren’t coming. They were right, they never did. The thugs, which included blacks, whites and Asians gleefully stole the night away. Where was this bragging ass mayor of New York (De Blasio), bailing his daughter out of jail perhaps? She was arrested on Sunday during the protests/violence. It isn’t just/all outsiders to blame. I guess the good mayor was going around asking people to coronavirus mask on! He was more concerned of that than saving businesses. By the way, the businesses were an easier mark because most were still closed due to the virus. It was De Blasio and the greatest police force in the world’s responsibility to protect these businesses. They did not, there was little to no attempt. Maybe there is something to the Democratic Party standing by planning, watching and praying for destruction of our cities and country.

Several Sunday morning shootings leave 3 dead and 10 others injured — FOX2now.com

Things seem to be getting back to normal in St. Louis. (Arlin comment)

ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating multiple shootings in the St. Louis area that took place early Sunday morning. There were numerous incidents in which a total of 13 people suffered from gunshot wounds. Of those 13 people shot, 3 were killed. Police say a man was fatally shot just after 12:20 a.m. Sunday at…

Several Sunday morning shootings leave 3 dead and 10 others injured — FOX2now.com

Survey of St. Louis region coronavirus cases reveals hotspots — FOX2now.com

CLAYTON, Mo. – The numbers are giving more insight this morning about the state of the virus in our area. Tragically, at least 13 more COVID-19 deaths are being reported in the St. Louis area. But 18 of the 28 counties we track have either no new cases this morning, or gave no updates over…

Survey of St. Louis region coronavirus cases reveals hotspots — FOX2now.com

golds gym permanently closes gyms in all st. louis area locations (10 gyms)

I was not a member of Gold Gym. I have membership at Club Fitness in St. Peters/St. Charles, MO. I should say as of this posting anyway. Like everywhere else Club Fitness is “temporarily” closed due to the stay at home/quarantine orders of the COVID-19.

What happened to Golds Gym in the St. Louis area and Alabama markets is happening to other businesses in our nation. This solution (and I don’t have a better one) is destroying businesses and families. This COVID-19 Chinese epidemic has been spread world wide, spreading along with it chaos and economic destruction. Who is getting back to normal the quickest? ………CHINA. The picture I am seeing, as it becomes more in focus daily as we learn more…….China staged biological warfare on the rest of the world. I have no proof it was intentional, but it certainly looks like once the virus broke in China, they released it, knowingly to the world. It has been reported, China stopped domestic/internal flights within their boundaries but allowed international flights. Knowing the virus would spread. President Trump said we were fighting a war, we thought just against a virus, but it is looking like the virus was a weapon of war used by China.

Back to my original purpose of this post, the gyms closing (I get carried away in my rants occasionally). The members that lost their gym will find other gyms, like Club Fitness. However, we don’t know how well Club Fitness will come out of this financially either, not yet. Maybe they see possible new members from Golds Gym being a safety vest sort of speak. Time will tell, but we are running out of it. Below is a news link of the Golds Gym closings in the St. Louis metro area. It includes a couple of gyms out near me in St. Charles County (MO).


arlin report thought(s) of the day: stl shootings and the mayor’s office

Related image

Lyda Krewson (Democrat) was elected mayor of St. Louis in 2017. She ran on a platform to lower the killing (mostly shooting) deaths in St. Louis. She is not doing well with her promise. To be fair, its a difficult issue in the Gateway City.

2020 has literally started out with a bang! 5 killed the 1st day of January. If you could place a bet on a daily shooting in STL, it would be sure money! Happy New Year Mayor! What’s this years plan? Do you have one? The gun buy back program has not worked, in reducing shootings.

There is a lot of good things happening in St. Louis, a new Aquarium, Ball Park Village expansion, an attractive wheel near Union Station, Blues are playing well (except for last night), a new XFL football team in town. It will be a shame if attendance to all these attractions drop because of violence downtown.

We’ve seen no changes since the previous mayoral administration. I seldom come downtown anymore since being retired (I live 30 minutes away in St. Charles). Its got a lot of cleaning up to do, including it’s reputation. Carjackings, muggings (I avoided a couple of those myself when I worked downtown), assaults and murder are its most serious problem, and don’t forget the homeless (still a problem of a different nature). I doubt that the Metro Link is any safer either, especially for the elderly, since little security has been added.