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Hello everyone! I hope someone is listening anyway! I have been thinking of podcasting for quite sometime now. Originally I thought it would be an audio & video podcast, but I like starting out as simple as I can being a rookie caster. Anchor appears to be perfect for doing just that, so for now we’ll just go audio! I don’t know if caster is the right podcasting terminology, I have a lot to learn about this new venture. We learn from our mistakes and I’ve learned much today and it is only 2:27 PM Central Time here in Missouri at this moment the 10th of March 2021 (time of day I am prepping this, when you hear this it will be the 11th). I apologize for any bumps and annoyances we may have along the way, hope you’ll bare with me! Just to take a moment, I chose Anchor, as I said because of the simplicity. Anchor will take episodes (posts) from my WordPress blogging site, and convert them to podcasts, and distribute them to mediums such as Apple Store and Google Play. I have the option of using my own voice or Anchor’s digital voice. I launched a very short episode Wednesday morning as a test run and used the Anchor voice. I will be using my voice for future podcasts. It was a very easy process and if I can do it anyone can. I am not a computer geek by any means. I would strongly consider anyone interested in creating their own podcast to consider using Anchor. Also, it’s FREE! So, lets get to it!

I posted my first blog back in July of 2014……… it’s been nearly seven years now. Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson and the City of Ferguson, must be what got me kick started. Most people knew nothing about Ferguson, Missouri. Now most of the world knows something. I call my blogging site the Arlin Report. Most days I post an article I refer to as Arlin Report Thought(s) of the day. Thought(s) of the day can be anything I have on my mind, any topic, possibly a rant, whatever, it does not have to be political or on current events. Arlin Report is for the most part on politics and current events, any event of my choosing. It may be on the St. Louis Cardinals, the Blues, downtown St. Charles events or anything actually. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump kept me busy. I just looked back moments ago, in 2014 Glenn Beck said: “Hillary Clinton would be the next president”. I’ve had a lot to say about Hillary over the last few years. And, she does not go away! We’ll talk about things in the news, reports on all things political/governmental, etc., based on facts and stories that I can confirm. If I can’t, I will say I can not confirm, but it may be a story circulating. I will call a rumor a rumor, like a duck is a duck. I will often share my opinion, but I will say it is my opinion and I could be right or I could be wrong. I call myself a conservative…………… does that make me right? I’d rather be right than left!! Especially in today’s America, today’s world!

In this my first launching of this podcast, I think you should know a little more about me! Podcasting seems to be a bit more personal than posting a blog. Probably because its hearing the voice behind the words. I am a 68 year old male will turn 69 in August. Yes I know I am a man! God gifted me with certain physical features that indicates and should leave no doubt, for me anyway. By the way, I will not engage in ridiculous political correctness here. In fact I may go out and buy Dr. Seuss if he is still on the shelves, so I can read it to my younger grandkids or let them enjoy reading Cat in the Hat. I was born in Lompoc, California in 1952. 1952, sounds like enough time to have built a lot of history. I have not been back to Cali since. I was born on an army base, Camp Cooke. My father was deployed to Korea from there. My mom and I took a train back to Salem, Illinois. When my father returned from Korea, thankfully with all his limbs, we moved to St. Louis. That was how I made my way to Missouri. We lived just above the Bourbeuse River, on a big hill located at a place called the Twin Bridges. No such bridges there now. We moved to St. Clair, MO when I was about 4. From there when I turned 10 we moved 7 miles to Union, MO. I grew up in Union, went to Union High School, and surprising to some, even graduated. I attended East Central College in Union and transferred to Missouri Southern State College (now University), in Joplin in 1972. I played soccer at Missouri Southern and earned a B.A. Degree with a major in Political Science. Should have listened to the wisdom of my father, major in something besides PolySci. My greatest learning experience in Joplin was how to survive a tornado.

I have had a couple of failed marriages, but have 3 wonderful children. They have given me 8 grandkids to enjoy. 5 boys and 3 girls. Youngest girl turns 2 this month. Oldest grandson is 18, looking for a college to attend in Culinary Arts. Currently I enjoy a wonderful relationship with my significant other for about 15 years now. Going to finish things off with her, hopefully a ways down the road yet.

I spent 3 years working in a coal mine in east central Illinois. I gained a lot of valuable experience as a Grievance Committee Chairman in our local union. I could spend hours podcasting about my time in the coal mine and on the industry. We’ll do that someday. Lots of stories there. I spent 3 years on a golf course as an assistant pro, and belonged to the local St. Louis PGA. It was a fun job, but didn’t get out on the course to play as much as you would think. Still played a lot though. I was a purchasing agent for a machine shop a few years and hated it! For about 15 years I was in banking. 3 years as a teller and teller supervisor. Hey I needed a job! Was in the International Banking Department with U.S. Bank for about 12 years. Not as glamorous as it sounds. I have been retired for 3 years, now and spend most of my time playing golf, fishing and working on this blog and podcast.

I was a city alderman for the City of Union, Missouri for 8-1/2 years. I loved doing it. I enjoyed serving and helping the city progress. I was called Annexation Arlin by some, as our city limits expanded. As chairman of the Personnel and Finance Committee, I was instrumental in getting our old swimming pool replaced with a modern facility. The project turned out beautifully after about 1-1/2 years in committee. I also coached youth and adult (player coach) soccer in Union. I was Chairman of the Franklin County Youth Fair for 2 years. That is pretty much the extent of my public service. Oh and I was a Cub and Boy Scout. No sexual harassment in our troops!!!

We are currently living in St. Charles, Missouri; however we are probably closer to St. Peters, Missouri than St. Charles. We love the area, lots of restaurants, close to two of the countries largest rivers, with lots of history. So far statues haven’t been tore down, I haven’t heard of any anyway! Lots of golf courses close driving distances. Quick access to the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues games. Hopefully all the fans can return soon! This country should take up the Nike slogan “Just Do It”!

I hope I haven’t bored you and lost too many of you so far. I just thought for the first podcast you should know more about who this Arlin character is. My name is Arlin Luttrell. I probably should have told you that from the beginning. As you can tell I am no Rush Limbaugh! The most we had in common was being from Missouri, conservatism and a sense of humor,! Our biggest difference, Rush was a Kansas City Royals fan, I am a Cardinal fan! Could have been worse, he could have been a Chicago Cubs fan. I miss hearing Rush’s voice on the radio already.

Tomorrow, I want to talk a bit about some things that are supposedly happening behind the scenes sort of speak, that the Main Stream Media is not addressing. They could be, they just choose not too. Part of that is they want to ignore or deny it exists. The Great Reset, or the Great Awakening! From what I understand from others is there is 2 resets, one from the bad guys and one from the good guys; and the good guys have already won. The bad guys being the Deep State/or the Cabal as they are known internationally. Yes QAnon has been involved in this. Their claims and predictions anyway. I have several sources I have been listening in on regarding these events. They are very credible, for the most part. They do get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes! Child and human trafficking, pedophilia is a huge issue, greater than and more sickening than we could ever have imagined. Satanic rituals are part of it, and this I know to be true! So I hope you can join in tomorrow; I promise it won’t be as boring as today! My short term goal is not to get censored!!

I always welcome your comments and criticism, just be polite please. You can stand firm and adamantly oppose me, just be civil. I don’t want to have to yell back! You can make comments at my blog ArlinReport.com or email me at aluttrell22@yahoo.com. I will respond when I can. Thank you so much for being here today. Be safe!


One:   Old school baseball, the way it was once played and should be played (in my opinion) is gone.   The St. Louis Cardinal manager last evening, with a one run lead in the bottom of the tenth, intentionally walked a batter (with the tying run already at 2nd base) putting the winning run on base with only one out.   I could see it coming, a double, a ball that gets past a diving left fielder, scores the winning run, GAME OVER!   Nice going Mike Matheny.   Old school, you don’t put the potential winning run on base.  Gee, let the pitcher pitch.   Also, you don’t give the pitcher his option.   That is what you are there for, to manage the team!

Two:  Illegal immigrants don’t become separated from their families, if they do not cross over the border illegally!   You want to stay together………stay the hell where you are.  Be the difference in making your country better!   Try being a solution, rather than someone else’s problem!

Orioles sign outfielder Colby Rasmus — WPMT FOX43 – Daddy interference?

BALTIMORE– The Baltimore Orioles have reached an agreement with outfielder Colby Rasmus. Rasmus, 31, signed a minor league deal with the team, and has a chance to make the club as a left-handed option off the bench out of Spring Training. He endured an injury-plagued season in 2017, playing only 37 games for the Tampa…

via Orioles sign outfielder Colby Rasmus — WPMT FOX43

Colby Rasmus came up through the St. Louis Cardinals organization.   He always acted as though he could care less that he was with a major league club.  He never seemed to grasp the opportunity, therefore underachieved.   Great talent, just missing heart.   Colby’s father tried to tell the Cardinals what was best for Colby….and Colby listened to his father and ignored Cardinal coaching/management.   This may be the perfect example of a parent pushing/forcing a child to play a sport they had little interest in.

Yadier Molina not tired………JUST BORED?

Image result for photos of a tired Yadier Molina


Yadier Molina and STL Cardinal’s manager Mike Matheny had a bit of a difference of opinion recently.   Molina was held out of a game…….in place of Carson Kelly; some say because Matheny said “Yadi looked tired”.   Matheny said, “he never said tired”.   Truth is you have to rest your catcher once in a while, and Kelly needs some playing time.   Molina took exception, “I am not tired, I train to play 174 games” (which would include play-off and World Series games).

I was at last evenings Arizona D-Backs/Cardinal game.  Yadi may not be tired, but he looks bored.   The Cardinals got spanked, because of sloppy play and the offense could not score.   This version of the “Cardinal Way” is boring, sloppy and don’t seem to grasp basic fundamentals of how to play the game.

There were fireworks following the game, which drew more applause from 50% of the fans that stayed to watch than there was in the game.   Fireworks outside the confines of the stadium, not even a spark from the team inside!    Team?   They don’t look like a team, not a good one anyway.   Time for some major changes!


Image result for Photos of last nights Cardinals vs. Mets game

Friday night and Saturday afternoon went to the Cards/Mets game in St. Louis.   We sat next to 3 Mets fans on Friday and there were about 200 Met fans in the right field section on Saturday.   Good, clean fun!   A little bit of back and forth rival bashing from both sides, but all in fun!   Its not quite like it was when these two teams were in the same National League division, but it was a good reminder of the past.

We then went to Ball Park Village (directly across the street from the stadium) following the game for a couple of beers; Met fans were enjoying the Village with Cardinal fans there, probably for the first time.

The weekend series is tied at one game apiece.  Today will be the rubber game!   Go Cards!



I attended this game last evening as my son was given a couple of seats in a suite.  He could not attend so his wife and my oldest grandson went in his place.  My significant other/common law wife by now…….set in great seats just beyond the left field wall, a section over just inside the foul pole.

The St. Louis Cardinals are a class act organization.   Friday night was Military Appreciation Night, with a theme of “This One’s for you”.   Military personnel and families were at the game, some of the families without their a husband, father, mother, daughter or brother, still serving in another land.

I was a bit disappointed that more families and military personnel were not introduced to the fans than there was.   I thought they could have done more in between innings, rather than having the usual game Kiss Cam and other games; but I also realize it can be difficult to arrange.   Appreciate what you get, the Cardinals didn’t have to do it at all.   But, that’s not who they are; we are, Cardinal Nation.  Thank You!


Image result for photos of Matt Holliday's Home run last evening

Photo from Lee at the Post Dispatch-St. Louis


Matt Holliday, has been a St. Louis Cardinal for 7 1/2 years.   A great Cardinal, loved by Cardinal nation.   Matt has been my favorite Cardinal since his arrival in St. Louis.  I was there for his first game in a Redbird uniform, when he hit a double off the left center-field wall to excite the crowd.

Matt has been on injured reserve for several weeks with a broken thumb.  It’s healed but still a bit sore and stiff.   The Cardinals announced they would not pick up the left fielder’s 2017 option.  They agreed to activate him for the final regular season weekend, for a farewell to the fans.   He did not disappoint and neither did the fans.

I was with my daughter last night, with great seats down the third baseline in the 2nd level, a great view.   My daughter is pregnant, was craving some water.  It’s 7th inning stretch, and I was going to use the restroom (too much info, sorry) she ask if I’d get her a bottle of water; naturally I would.  I was approaching the concession worker, with my eyes on the TV monitor above, could I be seeing this correctly?    Holliday has bat in hand approaching the plate and his name is announced. The fans knowing we were possibly seeing his finale at bat, game as a Cardinal, gave him a strong Cardinal Nation standing ovation.  I stood and watched as he takes his classic Holliday swing the other way and the ball sails into the right field bullpen, a solo home run.  Incredible, unbelievable, he has swung a bat in weeks and he catches the ball perfectly and drills it; you could not write a better ending.

Holliday is greeted by first baseman Matt Carpenter with a hug as he crosses the plate.   At the top of the dugout steps, long-time teammates Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright meet Matt with a three-man hug, tears begin to flow from Holliday and possibly his mates.   Once in the dugout, the other team members share hugs, but the fans demand a curtain call.  Matt came back to the top of the steps, tips his hat to the crowd, a delirious fan base.   More tears flow from Holliday and some from fans as iPods and other video devices capture this beautiful moment.  I will admit, I was choking back tears.

When I made it back to my seat, my daughter laughs, and says thinking to herself, “Dad is missing Hollidays final at bat.” and seconds later “Oh dads going to be so upset he missed this Holliday homer.”.  I didn’t miss it, I saw it on the T.V.,  “it’s not the same” she says.  I told her, “but I was here”.   What I did see, that I can never remember seeing quite like this before:  When the ball fell into the bullpen, the crowd around the concessions were screaming, including the workers, my concession clerk was dancing.   I’ve been to countless Cardinals baseball games in my life, this was an exciting moment, concession workers celebrating with fans.  I’ve seen it before, but not quite like this……  What makes it even more special, Matt Holliday loves being a Cardinal, he loves the fans, and we love him.  He wore the Cardinal’s uniform as well as anyone ever has.  What a classy gentleman.  Thank you Matt!


Image result for Photos of Jason Heyward

That seems to be the strategy for the Cubs.   Beat, the Cardinals by taking their players.   However, when you are a free agent, you don’t belong to anyone.   The Cardinals lost in the reverse bidding war.   Cards and Nationals offered more overall money.   Cubs management convinced Heyward he’d win a championship in a baby bear’s uniform and maybe he does.   They actually made the playoffs as a wildcard team last year, beat the Cardinals to advance, only to be whipped by the Mets.  Past Cub players have heard this song and dance before, “This is our Year”.

The people of Chicago (all those living and most that have passed) have never experienced their beloved Cubs win a World Series.  So, is 2016 “the Cub’s Year”?   Maybe, maybe not, you don’t win on paper, you win on the field.

Too many Cardinal fans are fretting this morning.   Why?   We’ve lost players, great players before.    One player leaves, it presents an opportunity for another, “Next man up”.   St. Louis you know this phrase.   It is in the veins of the Cardinals organization.

Heyward was not Albert.   We lost Albert, we returned the next season to the playoffs.   Jason Heyward is a terrific player.   A great defensive player.   He hit .293, a weak .293.   He is a capable homerun hitter, but not a slugger.   He might hit 20 HRs in Wrigley.   Might!  This past season for St. Louis, Heyward had 60 RBIs.    From a right fielder, you need more production than that.   Heyward struggled with men on base.   In fairness lots of Cardinals did in 2015.

The upside, the Cardinals now have 2 spots for their young TALENTED, outfielders.  Enter  Stephen Piscotty and Randal Grichuk, who we got good long looks.    Look at the numbers:

Games   AB     Runs  Hits    Hr  RBI     BA

Heyward     154       547     79     160    13    60     .293

Piscotty              63       233   29       71       7     39        .305

Grichuk             103    323     49      89      17     47      .276

Piscotty and Grichuk’s  PRODUCTION numbers are better on average.    Give these guys the same number at bats as Heyward, they smash his production totals.   Also, their defense and base-running skills are nothing to sneeze at.

Many teams would panic if they lost a player such as Heyward.   The Cardinals have youth to replace him with, talented youth.   They may yet this winter add another outfielder/bat, Piscotty is more than capable of playing 1st.   If the outfield ends up being  Holliday in Left, Grichuk in center and Piscotty in right, they have a fourth in Tommy Pham and Moss.   Matt Adams would have 1st base, with Moss and Piscotty to fill in if needed.

The future is still bright for St. Louis.   The Cubs will still have to deal with the Cardinals.   Cubs will start the year as media favorites, but the Cards, as Joe Buck once called it……..”They just won’t go away.”   The rivalry just got a little warmer.

Cardinal fans, look at the numbers from last year…..this could turn out to be a blessing.



Washington Nationals’ manager Matt Williams is a great guy, but a not a great field skipper.   The St. Louis Cardinals are taking advantage of poor decisions.    Nationals came into to season as World Series favorites.   Cardinals are cruising……….Nationals sinking.

Go Cards!