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We, my significant other (and I say that with great respect) and a couple of friends, started planning our golf vacation to Myrtle Beach (actually we WERE to stay at Garden City, a few miles south) beginning back in January.  We left early Friday morning, Sept. 7th and arrived at our destination Saturday late afternoon; after stopping for the night in Hendersonville, NC.   At the time of our departure, Hurricane Florence was well out in the Atlantic, headed in the wrong direction.   There was a chance Flo, (as she was so-called) would curl north, and stay out at sea.   But, as luck would have it, by Monday we were made aware there would be a mandatory evacuation order (first by the condo management group) for Tues. by noon.

After spending Saturday and Sunday, in Florence, SC (no relation to the Hurricane), playing at the Country Club of South Carolina, we returned to Garden City.   We spent the evening at my favorite dining place in Murrells Inlet, Drunken Jacks.   They still have the best hush puppies on the planet.  Tuesday morning, we left SC at 4:30 AM to beat the evacuation traffic.  The traffic was heavy, but it moved; until later in the day when they reversed the traffic lanes coming in to going out.

We made reservations at a nice hotel (the Hyatt Place) in Birmingham/Inverness, Alabama.   We were determined to play golf on this vacation.  We booked 3 tee times over the next 3 days, with beautiful golf courses in the Birmingham area.   We refused to let FLO destroy our vacation, though disappointed we could not make our tee times with the 4 Myrtle Beach courses we had long ago set.   However, we did not feel sorry for ourselves or overly disappointed, missing tee times is small compared to the destruction, what now was a tropical storm, would leave in her path.   Anytime we were near a TV, we were glued to The Weather Channel, praying the friendly people we met and those that make their living on the east cost would be safe.   Rebuilding they can and will do.   Lives lost can not be replaced.

This was the first time I had ever experienced a Hurricane, though we left at the right time, when only the tides were higher, you could sense its path would find its way there.  We learned a lot, don’t mess with Mother Nature; some do.  While there, the good people of Myrtle Beach only wanted us to be aware what might be; it’s apparently bad luck to talk about it, just prepare.

It could have been worse, it can always be worse.  Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Murrels Inlet, South Carolina and North Carolina will recover.   They always do!

We’ll be back, just not in September!


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Ted Cruz is twisting issues and positions of the other candidates to something other than factual and truthful.   He is attempting to leave voters with negative images against reality.   He did it to Dr. Carson in Iowa and he is attempting to smear Trump in South Carolina.   Cruz made a comment that if Trump were elected president we would lose the 2nd Amendment forever……..  because Trump would appoint a liberal Supreme Court judge.   Trump has said more than once, that Scalia and Thomas were two of his favorite SC  judges, they were/are conservatives. Trump would not appoint a judge that would favor eliminating the 2nd amendment.   Securing the 2nd Amendment is a priority to Trump and Cruz knows it.

Cruz is desperate for support and he is doing it with deceit.  I had a lot of respect for Cruz, but have lost a lot of it over the last 2 or 3 weeks.  The pressure of the campaign is bringing out the real Ted Cruz.  He like the establishment politicians he so criticizes will say anything to get elected.




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This post is not that lesson.

I know this is a topic many people are talking and writing about.   Wow, wasn’t that quick…….. we stopped discussing the fact that a white complete moron, jackass, oh yes a thug, there I said it, walked into a mostly black church in Charleston, S.C. and killed nine of our fellow countrymen (to include women).  Instead the focus has now moved to the Flag of the Confederacy.   That flag didn’t pull the trigger on those people.   The punk never walked into that church waving a Confederate flag.  He certainly did not run out waving one either.   Yes, there are photos out there of him holding a Confederate flag once, so to some the Confederate flag becomes a symbol of hate.  There are jerks like this that will twist what something once stood for into something evil, normally by some jackass like this that never understood the purpose of the Confederate flag to begin with.    It was the symbol that united the Confederate States together, just as the Stars and Stripes did for the North and our nation today.

There was a separation of the States, the South vs. the North brought on by political and social differences.  I know it goes much deeper than that, but I am not getting into that here, besides I am not a history major, and how much has been inaccurately written.  That is another story.    How many states even today have talked of secession because they don’t like the way our government operates and where we are headed, from political and social differences.

The governor of South Carolina is calling for the Confederate flag to be taken down from the State buildings, offices etc.    She said, “The Confederate flag was a part of the state’s history, the past, but it is not the future.”  She is half right………history, history that should continue to be taught, and taught accurately, and that flag is a part of that history.   It will take a session of the South Carolina Legislature to remove the flag.

Wal-Mart has announced it will take all Confederate merchandise from its shelves.   Really?   The almighty Wal-Mart?   We’re going to make a political statement Wal-Mart?   The patriotic Wal-Mart?   The same Wal-Mart that sells mostly products from China and other nations.   They have done as much to contribute to the destruction of  American manufacturing as any company in the U.S.

How many men and women have died under the Stars and Stripes?   How many wars, unpopular and highly protested where fought under those same Stars and Stripes and thousands were killed, both American and foreign?   Are we going to take down the Stars and Stripes next?    Will Jade Helm go door to door and remove your Confederate flag and the flag that still represents that of the United States of America?   The problem isn’t a flag, it is attitude, social attitude that is destroying this country and the government and media continue to toss gas on the fire.

This continues to be the way our government deals with issues, by focusing on another agenda, not dealing with the real problem; such as improving racial division.   Instead you have the race baiters further dividing us, the same ones we saw last summer in Ferguson, Obama, Sharpton……..you know the rest of the team.   So, far South Carolina has kept Sharpton fairly quiet; or maybe I just haven’t caught his crap yet.