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Biden’s At Work?

The use of the FBI or any agency to attack “anyone” opposed to the administration is a Communist, Socialist, authoritarian ………undemocratic and unconstitutional combined form of government of it’s own. I probably left something out!   Yep, left out Totalitarian. (Arlin Report comment)

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January 21, 2022

The FBI goes after a Democrat who opposes Biden’s border policies

ByAndrea Widburg at American Thinker:

Ask any Democrat or other leftist whether the FBI was corrupt under J. Edgar Hoover, and he will eagerly agree.Hoover, an ardent Republican, not only used the agency to capture genuine criminals, but also turned it into a spy agency tracking anyone he thought might be a communist.

Now it appears that the FBI, with help from the DOJ, is going Hoover one better and using all the old powers plus modern technology to investigate and arrest people who fail to support the Biden administration.The FBI’s latest target is Texas representative Henry Cuellar,a Democrat, who spoke out against Biden’s illegal acts erasing America’s southern border.

It’s likely that most Americans, and especially most conservative Americans, had no idea who Henry Cuellar was before Biden entered the White House.However…

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bernie is a commie

He is only on the Democratic ticket for convenience, destructive, deceitful convenience. Those that support Bernie need some high school educating.

Bernie is the leader of the Democratic Socialist Party, on the Democratic ticket. (the Arlin Report)

arlin report thought(s) of the day: bernie wouldn’t want to be a billionaire?

Bernie Sanders, the Millionaire SOCIALISTS running for president keeps bashing billionaires. Bashing only those running for president that is. Are you telling me Bernie would not accept moving up into the world of the billionaire class? You absolutely know he would. But, he does what socialist do, mislead, lie…….take!

BERNIE SANDERS IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. He is only on their ticket because no one is going to punch the Socialist box on an election ballot. Bernie is a lying, conniving Socialist well trained in the former U.S.S.R.

Bernie is a millionaire but a billionaire wannabe. Trust me he’d use the office of the president to make more personal deals and thrive financially like the Clinton’s did.

Sanders is the biggest, most dangerous fraud on stage.

Sanders criticizes EVERYBODY that isn’t him, isn’t socialist.




There are high school students, possibly grade school students that could explain the difference between democrats and socialists.   Fact is, if the DNC chairperson can not explain the difference, didn’t she just say “There is no difference.”    And as Hillary R. Clinton would say “What difference does it make?”