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arlin report thought(s) of the day: goldwater on b. sanders

Image result for Photos of Barry Goldwater riding a horse
This is what a Republican looks like!!!

That would be Barry Goldwater on the socialist Bernie Sanders. I miss Barry Goldwater. He was a hard nosed Republican. Barry Goldwater spoke his mind, exactly what was on it, and exactly how he wanted. If Barry Goldwater (and to an extent Ronald Reagan) were alive today, he/they would annihilate the socialist stupidity of Bernie Sanders. Goldie would have Sanders stammering and stuttering like a lost Joe Biden. No I’m not making fun of Biden’s speech defect, just his lost process.

Goldwater was pretty radical for a Republican back then (the early – mid sixties). The public thought he’d have us in a world ending nuclear war, kind of like the Democrats think of Trump today. Goldwater was probably what we needed back then.

If you’re under 55, maybe 60 you’re asking “Who the hell is Barry Goldwater”? You’d know if they actually taught history! Barry Goldwater was right about a lot of things. There wasn’t much he was wrong about. Socialism/communism was enemy #1, then the Democrats. Geez, he was really right about them. Today, Goldie wouldn’t be holding anything back. He’d have the Democrats scattering with their tails between their legs. Bernie Sanders…….. wouldn’t have a chance. Goldwater would separate Sanders from the Democratic Party and hammer him on Sander’s Socialist Party. Then he’d beat up on the Dems for going on the Left’s ride to Bernie’s socialistic squad.

I just thought, Barry and Ronald both liked to ride HORSES.

Where have you gone Barry Goldwater!

Welcome to Adam Schiff’s 2019 version of “the twilight zone”

Today’s fiasco (already a failure of its intention) is not an impeachment hearing. Lets refer to it for what it is……. the next step of the COUP! The majority of Americans know it!

The Democrats have their trained circus monkey sitting in the center of it all. Nancy Pelosi chose the one individual from The House she knew would go to any extent, lie his way through a corrupt process without any remorse to get where we are today. If this were a legal hearing, one that followed the constitution, one of fairness, then the President would have legal counsel there, the Republicans would be allowed to call witnesses. None of this will happen. The Republican’s witness list was rejected. This is not a legitimate hearing. If this were in a court room anywhere else, they’d be allowed all that. It is called due process, which we all have a right, a right to defend yourself. Due process isn’t just being withheld from Trump, it is being withheld from the American people. This whole thing is a farce. What it will be is a long, drawn out fictitious televised series. The names will be real, fairytale crap, produced by Nancy Pelosi with taxpayer financial backing and directed by Adam Schiff. Welcome to Schiff’s “Twilight Zone”.

This pathetic series should be cancelled. The main actors, Pelosi and Schiff and “the committee” (Dems) should be removed and forced into retirement, without retirement pay. They’ve stolen enough from us.

Schiff should be held in contempt. He has lied, does not follow rules of law. Schiff is a selfrighteous, habitual liar. The most corrupt individual in The House is guiding this fake hearing, a step in this planned coup.

Think about this, how much taxpayer money do they continue to toss down the drain, with no concern of what we think? This is the biggest scandal in the history of our nation. Nixon never came close to what Schiff (NO NOT TRUMP) and the Democrats are doing. This is the greatest demonstration of what Washington and the Deep State think of We the People.

THIS CIRCUS IS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. Maybe Trump should declare one! Wouldn’t that be fun, cause quite a stir. Order the National Guard to circle Capitol Hill, take Schiff into custody. I know, I’m dreaming.

About these Adam Schiff cherry picked witnesses; they’ve already testified behind closed doors. I wonder how many stories/responses will change now that they are before the American public? Schiff is walking a tight rope, and it could snap.

Dead in the water, supposedly in the Senate, which means this is really a waste of time and our money. If they can’t remove Trump, the Dems (Socialist Party) hope this fictitious series influences enough votes to remove him in the 2020 election. The Dems are shooting craps!