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matthew 10:38

Matthew 10:38

Snowy day here again………during all this global warming we are getting the most snow we’ve had in years. On our 3d or 4th day already, usually 0-2 is average. The grass is still showing though! It’ll be gone as soon as it fell. Missouri (East Central Missouri)

Have a great day!

psalm 37:3

Psalm 37:3

January 28, 2021

Today is the coldest day of the year here in Missouri….. 19 degrees. Snow on the ground from yesterday……….our annual snow fall. Some years we get zero snow. Tomorrow most of it will melt. Temp will rise to 47 in next couple of days.

Beautiful outside. Have a wonderful day!



Well it is finally here, the Winters’ first snow fall in Missouri….ready or not!   It’s coming down pretty heavy, but not sticking, the ground is too warm.   Water is pouring down the spouts of the gutters like a rain storm.

We don’t get that much snow in Missouri anymore, it doesn’t stay long when it does.  That is not disappointing to me.   I don’t like shoveling snow.   We have a snow blower, but in 12 years have not used it.   Should sell it to someone in Chicago!  🙂

Enjoy the weather, where ever you are!  Good morning!