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arlin report thought(s) of the day: aoc’ favorite senator ted cruz


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Ted Cruz of ‘almost having her killed’. Almost!!

Senator Cruz is the kind of guy that when he is set out to do something, does it right! I would have to believe if Cruz wanted AOC killed, she’d be DEAD.

What are the chances Rep. Cortez and Sen. Cruz meet in passing all that much? Occasionally in the hallways and Rotunda maybe! The House and probably most of the Senate enjoy having AOC around, she is comic relief.

Everyone (in Congress) is in an uproar about Marjorie Taylor Greene, the nutty things she says! I find this extremely comical. Many want her expelled, left off committees. Greene must go……but AOC, her goofy crap is okay, more than acceptable! One rep asked to be moved to another office away from Greene. That request came from a Rep. from the St. Louis area, which I find even more amusing. You’d think a rep from St. Louis would have thicker skin. Apparently Greene took off her mask to argue with the rep………and she (the rep lost it). These people in Washington are sure easy to scare aren’t they? They whine about there health and good will, but could give two S’s about We the People. I guess it is human nature to care about your own health more than those you represent, no matter what they swear to!

As long as AOC has a seat, Greene’s place should be safe; but we’ve seen the Left Democratic Socialist Party’s (which it definitely is) double standard, hypocrisy. Why would Ted Cruz want to get rid of any of this?