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Elected officials that have been left in office for 12 plus years, many 20-30 plus years lose sight of their responsibilities and duties; to serve We the People.  It doesn’t take long where the infectious corruption spreads to those even with the greatest intention.

Senior elected officials in both the House and the Senate train, mentor fresh bodies (juniors) to learn the rules of how the game is played.  If you don’t play along then you are moved to the bench (left out of committees) and have little voice or significance.   Before long, you become part of the team……as long as you play by the rules.   Even the pretenders, just to become part of the team eventually thrive for more and more POWER and acceptance from the senior squad.     Remember your childhood game “Follow the Leader”.   Welcome to the Congress of the United States of America.  Their anthem “We aren’t here to serve, we are here because we know whats best for the people.  We do not serve we CONTROL the people and we are here to STAY.”   Gun control, and taking away the 2nd Amendment is a major goal…..ask any dictator.

They, the old guard, those who refuse to go home and finish their lives in their mansions need to be moved out like cattle.   We the People must guide them out the doors of Congress, prod them on home…….back to their roots, back to where they came.  Keep them fenced in there.   They’re like bad beef, too old, too fat……we don’t need to slaughter them, though that is what they’d do to us; just keep THEM under CONTROL.

Yeah, some day a post like this may even get censored, if We the People don’t get a better grip.   Check out the following link.





U.S. House Set For Key Health Vote

I saw this headline of a fight that broke out in the Ukraine Parliament; it got me thinking “When was the last time my representative fought for me?



When was the last time our representatives got into a brawl in the House or Senate?   With all the silly crap that goes on, issues to discuss and  debates, you’d think from time to time a punch or two would be thrown from the heat.   Maybe our reps just don’t have enough compassion or loyalty to their constituents to fight for us.

Oh they blame each other for everything, point fingers and maybe occasionally get into some grade school name calling.  You would think that once in a while someone would get tired of some of the ridiculous comments and insults made by congressman when they have the floor, somebody would actually fight for what they believe.  If some of these House and Senate members know that We the People are getting screwed everyday, and debate has no chance, why isn’t anyone sticking up for us.  I am not advocating fist fights everyday in Congress, nothing would get done, they’d have to hire more custodians, they won’t cleanup their own messes.

I was just wondering, we never or seldom hear of a fight in our halls of Congress.   Human emotion, seems unlikely to go and never have any bouts. Are our representatives more pretentious and in bed together even more than we know?  They get along more than they appear to show; they seem to be a very happy club.

If we had a government body that actually made accomplishments, solved problems and showed leadership……..had constructive debates, then no don’t fight; stay the course.

I guess what I am trying to say “Isn’t there someone in Congress as frustrated and angry over the direction of our country as I am…..that I want to punch some of these reps in the mouth?”



Hey Missouri!  Good morning.  Have you heard much from your United States Senators lately, Roy Blunt or Clare McCaskill?  No, you haven’t.  Do you feel like you are getting very good representation, any?

It isn’t unusual for Roy to be silent……we don’t hear much from him, just on occasion.  Now Clare, that is a different matter.  I give her credit for fighting campus sexual assaults.   When it comes to the issues of Barack Obama, and with all the controversy of Benghazi, Iraq, Israel, etc., etc., etc., Clare has hidden in the closet and won’t come out.  Clare, we don’t understand……you campaigned so hard for Barack, you were in every photo-op, you were by his side, you had googly eyes for him.  Your uncharacteristic silence during perhaps some of the most difficult times of ours and definitely the world’s history, you say absolutely nothing.

It is plain to see Clare has distanced herself from the antics of her apparently former bud Barack Obama.   I would like to know if I am reading this correctly though, has Clare abandoned Obama or has B.O. pushed her away since he no longer needs her?   Has Barack turned out to be disappointing to you Clare?  He isn’t that great hero action figure you made him out to be is he?   Lots of questions; Clare has no answers.