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conditioned selfishness

What is the rush to get children back in school? The majority of teachers and professors are liberal! They aren’t teaching proper English and math anyway and history they want to do away with. Gets some books (before they burn them all) on all the subjects……… Teach them to read, then read all. You learn more that way than from any teacher scratching crap on a chalk board. Give them some daily chores as well. Just a thought!

Eventually the teachers “may” be eager to get back in the classroom, they might start to get hungry!

Orange County School Board Decides School Will Start With Virtual Learning — Foxy 107.1-104.3

Meaning virtually no one will learn. What happened to plan A; oh COVID happened. Will we need a plan Z?

Orange County has decided to start the school year with 100% virtual learning. Superintendent Dr. Monique Felder said, “(I am) recommending that while we continue to work toward Plan B–and we will be ready for Plan B–given the state of COVID-19 in this county at this time, we pivot to Plan C, remote learning, and…

Orange County School Board Decides School Will Start With Virtual Learning — Foxy 107.1-104.3


Copperplate by Melissa Ann Sorrells

It blew my mind a couple of months ago when I learned my two oldest grandchildren didn’t know how to write cursive!   They were not taught cursive in school.   They are 13 and 11 years of age.   I was learning cursive in first grade.  I never gave this much thought until recently there was a local news story asking if they should teach cursive in school again.   Again, it blows my mind they don’t.

It doesn’t matter that letters are going to be typed on the computer or high tech type writer.   I use the computer a lot……there are times I still need to write.   There are still papers, documents etc. that need a signature!   I prefer a cursive signature, not only is it faster it looks better.   Its your signature, its like a thumb print.

My point, if they stopped teaching cursive writing, what else have they stopped teaching?