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Image result for photos of neal diamonds 50th anniversary tour

50 years!   Think about that 60 plus people.   You were there when ND was just getting started.

Its a 50 year tour, but this entertainer, song writer, singer has always been busy touring; always in demand.   His music doesn’t age!    He is bouncing around from location to location between now and into October, playing every other night for most parts.  He’ll keep on playing….probably adding more dates later in the year.  The guy tireless.

After 50 years, finally will see him at Scottrade Center in St. Louis April 12th.  Can’t wait!  This is even better than a Trump rally!


Michelle Obama should really consider dropping this school lunch program drive she is preaching.   First of all, Mooch is not a nutritionist.  If we need to add further federal intrusion and confusion into our educational system, why not add a professional nutritionist.  We have an educational czar, so leave it to the locals to hire their own cook/nutritionist for the schools.

Look at the above skimpy meal.  I doubt that the Obama children are cutting back on their lunches.   Michelle isn’t exactly a good visual example of slenderness.

Michelle isn’t getting much support on her school lunch program……in fact there appears to be much more criticism and outrage.   Michelle, why not just stick with what you know?  Whatever that might be.  You are not our children’s parent.   We can handle this.  Why not caddie for your husband?