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via Lest We Forget Clinton’s Chinagate Corruption: The Most Serious Scandal in US History — hocuspocus13


Hillary Clinton needs Bill with all his faults.   He is a great distraction from her own issues.    Everyone follows Bill, who is he sleeping with today?  Bill gathers more followers on his sex habits than Hillary on her factitious stories on Benghazi, for now anyway.

The Clinton’s are a perfect political team…….they feed off of one another.  When one is in trouble, the others acceptance, though not always joyfully, they would attribute to being a strength.   In realty, they just know how to use each other and their antics.  They developed and groomed this skill back during their college years; they both have had plenty of practice.  

Bill likes the attention from the public, whether good news or the latest scandal.  Dodging and making excuses doesn’t faze his arrogance. 

Bill doesn’t need Hillary to get headlines or to cover for him, but she would not be able to do the same.   I would say, Bill has bailed Hillary out of more spots than she has with him.  He comes to her defense and (tries) to justify Hillary’s “Poor Choices”.

It should be interesting in the coming days/weeks/months, with Bill having been spotted on the Epstein Orgy-Island with young girls and Hillary’s potential secret tapes on Benghazi…….how does this duel handle simultaneous scandal and corruption?   They are both seasoned liars.  They have had some practice there as well…….Whitewater, just for one.

Will there ever be an ending sequel to their story?


I’m 61 years young.  I’ve lived through many presidents and their administrations, each with their own history of controversy and scandal.  I have never in my life seen a trail of trash left behind a commander-in-chief and His chosen cabinet time after time like we have today.

If you google “The Obama controversies” Wikipedia has a list of 46. Now that is Wikipedia, I understand other documented lists may have more or less. In fairness to Wikipedia, they do not just throw out a number, they name or describe each.

A behavior or event does not have to be true to be controversial, suspicion or an accusation will suffice, as will just being in strong disagreement over what is right.  However – where there is smoke, there is fire, and our White House is burning.

Some of the decisions and lack of action at other times are very serious and pose a threat to our national security.   Obama, Hillary, John Kerry and the rest of the crew of course would beg to differ or just say, “What does it matter.”

We have a president in His final term, he seems to have gotten more reckless, less caring, dangerously out of control, and more flexible as he told Putin. Obama is on a fast pace, with gaffes, insane decisions (the 5 terrorists give away) and actions that are unlawful.  He shows no signs of slowing down.

Arrogance of power equals tyranny.   His vision is a new world order with Him on the throne.  Obama does not have the best interest of our nation at heart, He never did.