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how trump called out the world to rid evil……..

I know there are those that will call this BS…….., didn’t happen………

But Trump visited these nations and his blunt, pushy and maybe rude attitude in their own backyards was visible and criticized by the media. What we didn’t know he took with him and shared with all the leaders stopped them in their own tracks, made them listen and see with their own eyes. The corruption and human trafficking evidence could not be ignored. Not even the Vatican could escape the wrath of Trump! This video is lenghty, about an 1:50 minutes, but very informal. I highly recommend viewing ……………learn the truth. Only a personality like Donald Trump could do this, it is no wonder he walked ahead of the Queen and was even given the Saudi sword to hold. Only the King of Saudi Arabia holds that sword! They gave in to Trump………they had little choice!

It’s just gotten started!


This should not be surprising.   Will Congress pass a bill to halt ALL trade with Russia and China, via Saudi Arabia?  Lets stop all transactions and communication with countries that do wrong.    No import/export business.   Let us destroy our own economy in the mean time.   Come on Nancy, Chuck!  You both think you have all the answers!  Where the hell are you?



Joe Biden criticizes President Trump for coddling dictators such as the King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.   Joe recently stated he can not understand why Trump is coddling with the Saudis (on this recent missing/dead journalist).   Really?  Biden knows darn well Trump can not and should not jump hastily in what is an international crisis.   Is that what Biden would do?   Thanks Joe for giving us that insight on how you would handle such a situation.  Oh, that’s right, you never really said what YOU WOULD DO!

Joe Biden has always been mouthy and shared with us what he would do (or tries to imply what he would do)……….when he knows it isn’t his decision he shows such boldness.   He is actually quite ball-less!

Joe knows a lot about coddling!   We have plenty of photos of him doing just that, usually with women and little girls!


Saudis gave the Obama Team suitcases of jewels before apology tour — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

No wonder Hillary loved the Saudis. One can only wonder how much stuff made its way to Chappaquiddick and her foundations. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels were given to the Obama entourage on their visit. Why am I just not sure all of it made its way back to the government as […]

via Saudis gave the Obama Team suitcases of jewels before apology tour — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!


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Doesn’t like Americans


We, with the assistance of Wikileaks, are beginning to see why Hillary Clinton did not want to release the contents of her highly paid speeches to Wall Street.   What she tells Wall Street and her financial contributors are not the same.   We the People are just peasants!

I have a question I would like the media to ask Hillary, possibly at the next debate:   We now know Saudi  Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS and they have contributed millions to Hillary Clinton.   Six Billion dollars ($6,000,000,000.00) is still unaccounted for while Hillary was Secretary of State.   Hillary, did you pass that 6B on to ISIS as a good will gesture/favor for all those foreign donations you received?


Foreign leaders that are uncomfortable or some say frightened at the thought of a President Donald Trump are so because; they don’t know what to expect.  They fear they will lose “their advantage(s)”.   They won’t like being held accountable or to pay their own way, or share the cost.   They know Hillary, in many cases have done business with her, she can be bought and they know it.  That is her foreign policy, that is her foreign policy experience.   With Hillary, they win and we lose.   With Trump, if he can hold true to his word and produce, if given the chance we can start winning again.   Yes its a chance, we’d be taking a chance with Trump……will he, can he do it?   We know what we get with Hillary Clinton…….nothing.  She is only concerned about Hillary and power.  Really, what do we have to lose?   We just spent 8 years of Obama.  Hillary is an extension of Obama.   Had enough!