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37 sexual preds arrested in az

This is bigger than we can imagine and it includes satanic pedophile network . It is throughout the United States, and the world.


former fbi chief tried to warn us of satanic pedophile network

This video is about 16 minutes in duration. Towards the end there are some D.C. characters (real people) you will clearly recognize. One who has been accused of pedophile/child trafficking, who supposedly committed suicide. One that has been rumored to be involved with trafficking, with a famous last name who wanted desperately to be president…….she lost. Another individual who we are learning today about a son that has a pretty good side business with China and the Ukraine, and he made his son share in on the bribe money. Figuring any of this out yet? The irony this video link below wasn’t done yesterday………it has some years to it. We didn’t listen! Click on the link below……..watch to the end to find out who some of these mystery characters are. Washington D.C. is a filthy swamp.