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arlin report thought of the day: Palin comparison no one is talking about

I find this interesting, how Sarah Palin was made fun of, ridiculed and described as just plain stupid. Now Sarah was only the running mate (for VP) to John McCain, but you have to admit for the most part a very effective governor for Alaska.

Compared to presidential primary candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Sarah Palin looks like a savvy genius. I have no doubt Palin has better math skills than Warren. Common sense, which I don’t believe to be a learned skill, you either have it or you don’t. Warren and Harris have demonstrated very little. Most of the time Palin’s logic was hard to argue. Most of the time Warren makes no sense and her logic is hard to follow.

Here is an interesting cat fight: Elizabeth Warren “trying” to confiscate Sarah Palin’s guns. I’d put money on who wins that fight.


    Hanoi Jane (Fonda)


“Harry Belafonte, Eve Ensler, Danny Glover, Kerry Washington, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are among those lending their names to the Stop Hate Dump Trump campaign” according to Variety Magazine.

Gee, no liberalism from that crowd mentioned above.

Michael Moore not surprising to see him there.  O’Donnell, she is against everything….especially the Donald.   Jane Fonda, what makes the Vietnam Commie lover think anyone listens to her?   No Jane, some things will never go away, ask Hillary!

When the most liberals of Hollywood’s liberals ban to fight Trump, he must be doing something right.  Those names did him a favor.   I guarantee you, just the mention of O’Donnell, Moore and Hanoi Jane (Fonda for you too young to know) will push people in the opposite direction those three march.

This is better than a Sarah Palin endorsement.


A political endorsement is a political endorsement.  Receiving one is nice, usually won’t hurt you unless its from Charlie Manson. Endorsements don’t mean much anymore. Use to be if someone of influence gave an endorsement, people would say “Hey, if he/she supports JOHN DOE THE CANDIDATE, maybe I should.”  Not so much anymore.  We have found that those unleashing their stamp on a candidate is probably as full of crap and corrupt as the candidate.

Sarah Palin punched Trump’s ticket yesterday, openly said, as only Sarah is willing, a few things about the establishment Republicans and their difference from Mr. Trump.  I agree with much of what Sarah said, she was right, but gees girl, you sounded nearly drunk.  Somebody give her a breathalizer or blood test. She had some Adrenalin pumping.  It came at kind of an awkward time, her son Track was arrested for Domestic Violence and a couple of other charges.  Not getting into that, the dude is an adult, Sarah is not responsible for his action.  Some things always circling around Sarah.

I will give Sarah credit, she can say a lot in a short period of time.   That is usually a campaign benefit.   Not, sure Sarah’s endorsement helps The Donald that much, she isn’t that popular, even among Republicans, certainly not Democrats; they hate her.  Hmmm! 🙂   When you want to kick them around, not bad to have her on the team, so long as it’s understood she won’t share the ticket.  Let her do the dirty work.   No she is not Vice Prez material.   Saying she is unpopular may be inaccurate, she certainly is more popular than I am, Tea Partiers love her, maybe Trump picks up some votes there if he didn’t already have them.

Trump and Palin are good in that they are often on the same page, but they are too much alike to have her as a running mate.   You’re only securing what you probably already have.   A running mate must tap into other voters, and Trump could use someone that will get the Hispanic and black vote.   Don’t beat up Cruz too much Donald!!!

Someday Hillary could be endorsing a candidate, now there’s your Charlie Manson.