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What are they really hiding?

All this corruption, never so wide-spread as it is today in history; modern history anyway.   Some old timers, older than me (and I am 65, been around, seen a lot), may say “Nah its always been this way”.   That is difficult to believe, and there certainly has been corruption throughout our nations history, but it never became so public as it is now.   Of course each side will say much of it is false, lies, just rumors.

Where there is smoke there is fire and there is more smoke than ever, its thick.  Much of it comes from the most corrupt family in the history of American politics.   The Clinton Cartel!   The fact they have gotten away with all their crimes, treasonous acts etc. etc., doesn’t mean “it never happened”.    However, it is a circle in which the Clintons’ often are found in the center.  Corruption infects both parties, it is the Elite Establishment of Washington D.C.    There is a bigger story out there that has not been uncovered……..yet.   All this corruption being exposed may be leading us there.   While all the email scandals, voting fraud, DNC primary election rigging, Uranium 1 Deal, Benghazi, Obama dumping cash to Iran, Russian hacking, Clinton sex trafficking, sex scandals………go on and on, what is it really distracting us from?   There is something, something We the People will find more appalling, more criminal, treasonous than what we currently suspect or are aware of.  It seems part of an agenda.   Whos?  Soros?  The UN?




John McCain, you keep showing us why you could never have won the presidency.   You get slaughtered in debate, are easy to counter argue.   You don’t think before you speak.   Many politicians do that, including Trump………..but you, you are easy to chop up.

McCain’s latest criticism of the POTUS, “he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin over senior US intelligence officials when he says his country didn’t interfere in the 2016 election.”

1st Trump said……  “I believe HE means what he says”.

2nd……. Mr. McCain, the U.S. Intelligence officials you so highly speak of, was/has been at odds, if not political war against Trump, even prior to him being elected POTUS.  Like the Left, Trump was not their CHOSEN ONE.

3rd….   Mr. McCain, are you saying the CIA (FBI for that matter) has/have always been honest with us, or even honest with this President or other past Presidents?   Seems false info has been given to Presidents by the (cough/gag) “Intelligence” organizations often.  If JFK were only alive today, what would he have to say about the CIA?

The CIA will only share what they WANT us to believe, and that would include the POTUS.   I would say Putin’s word is as good as U.S. Intel!

When Putin was asked by Trump about Russian interference, what did you expect him to say?   Oh, of course we did?  Truth is, Russia has always tried to influence U.S. elections and other elections throughout the world.   That is what communist/socialist nations do!

We should accept they probably did meddle, they did not determine who won.   They were not the deciding factor.   But, we should move forward and try to keep it from happening again, or at least lessen it.    Illegal voters voting, voting fraud is a much greater problem.

Mr. McCain, Senator, retire……..you’ve lost what logic you ever had.

And then there is this:

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Report: Russia Funding the Taliban — Brittius

Originally posted on Global Geopolitics: Russia has been given oil to the Taliban that it can then sell to fund its “anti-NATO” activities in Afghanistan. ? According to a new report, the Russian government is providing $2.5 million a month to the Taliban to fund “anti-NATO” operations in Afghanistan. The International Business Times reports: A…

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Confirmed: Russian Uranium Deal Nets Bill

Ever wonder how Bill and Hillary Clinton amassed $240 million in the last 15 years alone? Through deals like the shady Russian uranium deal that personally netted them a staggering $2.85 million. The millions of dollars flowed to the Clintons through a series of five Russian-backed donations after the controversial uranium deal – seen to be against America’s […]

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Yet liberals want to impeach and investigate Trump.   The two pictured above should be in prison.