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Senator Sessions, even if tied to a campaign, any campaign, his duties and responsibilities as a Senator do not end; he was on the Armed Forces Committee.   How many Democrat AND Republican officials (elected) during the presidential campaign openly supported one candidate over another?   How many Democrats spoke in favor of Hillary Clinton?   In both Houses the answer would be many!   That is in fact the same as being involved in their campaign.   Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi……..Al Franken, John McCain; all engaged in the campaign ………..who have they been talking with?   Are they really going to open that door……?   Why hasn’t selling Uranium to the RUSSIANS fired-up the Democrats ……. because Hillary, their darling Hillary was involved?   Not to mention where the DOUGH went….Bill & Hill.

I, to be honest, can see Senator Sessions speaking with (meeting with) the Russian Ambassador…….attempting a better relationship.  I can also picture Obama telling Putin, “I’ll have more flexibility if re-elected (during a 2nd term); we have more Uranium?”  I know only part of that is (probably) true….or maybe?

The Democrat’s slogan these days seems to be on the line of something like:  “Ethics, morals and following the Constitution only apply to Republicans, we Dems only hold them accountable, we are above them, we are above ALL!



Wild Goats Fighting

Russia may or may not have had a preference who was elected United States President.   Their foreign policy is soaked with propaganda; getting Americans to believe what they want us to believe.   It’s always been that way.   The U.S. has had plenty of pamphlets dropped filling citizens of the world with our world political philosophy, designed by less than genius intelligence as well.

With all the hacking, does it really matter who did the hacking……..Nothing else mattered to Hillary, so why any hacking?  Secure your computer and we probably don’t have this discussion or never-ending controversy.   Hillary could not possibly have lost the election on her own, could she?   I know that seems impossible because she was the one prearranged to be the one moving into the White House on Friday.   The powers that be (with the Soros money and corruption), along with the Saudis’, took middle America for granted, or never figured them in the election equation at all.

However, what has transpired, and this is a huge victory for Putin and Russia; ………..they win.   Not because Trump was elected or Hillary got her behind handed to her, but because the nation split further apart as the campaign waged on.  The nation has not been this divided since the sixties, possibly the Civil War. The Russians accomplished what they wanted…..A DIVIDED AMERICA.

The Democrats/liberals and all those that voted or just voiced their love for a corrupt Hillary Clinton can not get over the fact she LOST.   This might have made a great Hollywood movie with Meryl Streep playing the part of Hillary R. Clinton and Alec Baldwin as Donald J. Trump; but its only suppose to be fiction, they pick up their awards and go home.  They can not deal with reality.

There is a list of Democrats that announced (and some Republicans I am sure) they will not attend the Inauguration as if it is terribly significant news, their great moment of defiance.  Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) said it’ll be very difficult to work with Donald Trump and his administration.   Congressman Lewis should probably resign if he no longer believes he can do the job he was elected.

A DIVIDED NATION……..not just from the propaganda of Russia.  Take a real close up view of the career political figures that took us down this trail and the Americans (We the People) that fell for it.



Almost Russia?

Mostly false?   Does that mean it’s almost true, that there are details that gives suspicion, therefore it’s almost true, but is “mostly false”.     A Ford is a Ford, a Chevy a Chevy but they have similarities, both have an engine, both roll on tires……but the similarities don’t almost make a Chevy a Ford.  Either something is true or it is false.    You can’t make something true by saying there are similarities but it is mostly false.   Snopes also answers with “unproven”…….Unproven means it has not been determined to be true, but it’s not proven to be false either.   Snopes often is “On the Fence” or they just don’t know.


Image result for Photo of Obama running out the door

The administration did not just discover the two buildings (facilities) used by the Russians to spy from as Obama claims.  NO!   It would also be naive to think while diplomats visit this country long term or short, their eyes and ears will be open…..they will learn all they can about the host nation.   Our Dips do the same there!   Keep your enemies closer!   Now they will not be close for now….

Obama after eight years changes his policy from talking big…..to late slaps in the face while he will dart out the door….before HE is struck back.   What a coward or as Trump would have once said “What a pussy!”.


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This is kind of a late thought for the day……….but at least I haven’t gone thoughtless.

All this talk about hacking, Russian hacking, spying ……..   Hack or hackers are everywhere.   You can use the word in many ways.   Nothing but hacks or hackers in Congress, can’t cut it, or would cut or chop you down or up for their way.

Government hacking, not just Russia, not likely.  Who has our government hacked?   They’ve done it, you know they have.  Wherever and whenever they can learn what the other side is doing, they do what it takes.   Trust and integrity, we, our government lost that a long time ago.  The CIA, masters of deceit.  That is my opinion, but I’d put money on it.   The CIA is not operated by saints.   I understand their purpose, and I understand there are things we are probably better off not knowing.  But don’t act holier-than-thou; like Russia is the only dirty player on the globe.