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The Democrats newest squawk box.

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It is amazing that this self-proclaimed know-it-all, who was born in the year Reagan ended his final term, pretends to know everything about a president she knows nothing about.  The more she speaks on behalf of the Democratic Socialist Party, the more we learn she is not well-educated on history or economics.

I will not even compare Ocasio-Cortez with President Reagan.  To say they are even extreme opposites would not suffice.   If Reagan were around today, he would chew this socialist bitch to pieces, if he even gave her the time of day.   However, Reagan would be concerned that there are so many Americans curious about her comic moments.

Social media makes it too easy for a moron of this magnitude to receive attention from those standing next to their keyboards to see what crap comes from her mouth next.  It’s just popularity by stupidity.   Stupidity sells, look at Jim Carey.



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I miss him…..we miss him.!

Reagan then vs. Obama now………could there be two more polar opposites?

Reagan, what he did for us and Obama what he has done to us.

Reagan for love of county and Obama for spite of country.

Reagan fought to improve our lives and Obama schemes to destroy us.

Reagan supported our military, while Obama shrinks and jokes about our troops.

Reagan born in the United States, Obama born in Kenya.

We could go on like this forever.

How low can we go?