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Romans 2:6

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romans 1:20

Romans 1:20

Context Summary
Romans 1:18–32 describes why God rightfully condemns humanity and some of what He has done about it. Humanity’s fall is pictured as a downward progression. It starts with rejecting God as creator, refusing to see what can be known about Him by what He has made. We also reject that He is our provider and stop giving Him thanks. We worship His creation instead of Him. Finally, God acts by giving us over to the unchecked expression of our corrupt sexual desires and all other kinds of sin. In part, He expresses His wrath by giving us what we want and condemning us to suffer the painful consequences.

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romans 8:32

Romans 8:32

Politicians believe their word(s) and rule is above and greater than God’s. In their own minds they have placed themselves to be ultimate and above Him. I know who I place my faith in! My trust and faith is in God. With Him we will be and are in a better place.

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