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New World Order Plan for the CV-19 Outbreak | The Rockefeller Lockstep 2021 CV-19 Document — Truth11.com

Before it’s news .com Judy Byington Monday, March 15, 2021 23:58  New World Order plan for the CV-19 virus outbreak – the Rockefeller Lockstep 2021 CV-19 Document as transcribed by Mark Baughman Baughman Note: The below was a New World Order plan for the CV-19 virus outbreak was written in 2010.This Rockefeller Lockstep 2021 CV-19 Document is presented unedited except for […]

New World Order Plan for the CV-19 Outbreak | The Rockefeller Lockstep 2021 CV-19 Document — Truth11.com

With other articles and video podcast from Truthers (yes there are people researching and seeking the truth) I find this article to be very accurate, with things I have seen, read and heard. There is a reason the Left (with a stooge prop known as Joe Biden) are on fast track of destruction. The border is open, massive tax hikes are inevitable from this fake President (Biden), MSM lies and deception, pipeline closed down, etc. Biden the stooge is creating chaos. Biden is just a prop placed before us, so we don’t know the true identity of those that think they are in charge. They are in charge of only Biden and Harris! Rockefeller and the Illuminati have planned this for many years. They will fail if we hold it together, learn the truth, reject and fight back. I believe if what I have heard is true, Rockefeller and the other bloodline families have been dealt with. People just need to wake up to the truth. We have been lied to on many…….many things by our governments. Keep your eyes and ears open, things are set to change for the good. The crypto currency they talk about that has been implemented in a few areas is not the currency system we will be under and that is a very good thing. That system controls us, or lives. The Quantum System, is a great system that will replace our currency system. It is a great, flawless system. It is nearly fraud proof, if not totally fraud proof. It can not even be hacked. It is corruption proof, and the bad guys, Deep State and Cabal (Deep State on an international level) are in panic mode because their plan is failing. (Arlin Report comments)




Below are three links that list the membership roster of the CFR.  I have found that one list may vary slightly from another;  meaning a name may be listed on one but not on or left off another.    Hillary Rodham Clinton is listed on two of the links but has been left off the third link.   Why?  I can’t be sure, but my guess is, she is left off because she is a candidate for the Presidency and belonging to an organization whose goal is a One World Government may not set well with American voters.




A few of the most notable members are, just to name a few:

Tom Brokaw, George Herbert Walker Bush, Jimmy Carter, Hillary Rodham Clinton, William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton, Dick Cheney, George Clooney, Diane Feinstein, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alan Greenspan, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, John McCain III, Colin Powell, David Rockefeller (as well as most of his family to follow), Brian Williams.  These are only a few names you would recognize.  If you were to check out the links above, you’ll find many that are familiar.   Common traits are wealth and individuals of authority.

To become a member of CFR a candidate must be nominated by a current member in writing, then by a 2nd written nomination letter.  Members are voted on by the Membership Committee.  There are approximately 4,900 members of The Council on Foreign Relations.

Members are former presidents, representatives and Senate members of the United States, mainstream media, officials from present and past administrations as well as the entertainment world, business and corporations (General Motors, just to name one).

Many believe, the Council on Foreign Relations is the influence behind who our current president is and who the next one will be.   Does this council hold that much power, that  they decide who are president and leaders are?   Is Hillary Clinton the next puppet?

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