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We are “highly confident” Russia hacked and influenced the U.S. Presidential election; without little to no proof; based on ASSumption!

This is what the CIA and Director of National Intelligence (Mr. Clapper) want Americans and the world to believe, a conclusion based on “we think this happened or this probably  happened”, even though they don’t know for sure.  To be fair, Clapper does indicate “it doesn’t look like Russian influence” changed the outcome of the election.

We are supposed to believe “our government” what they WANT us to believe, because THEY ARE CONFIDENT.     We might also ask the question “Who is influencing who or who is trying to influence who”?

I am “highly confident” that our own Intel groups, especially the CIA has or has attempted to influence our own elections, in addition to other countries elections, past and present.

The hacking and leaking of information from emails, the DNC  in particular if anything, reveals how insecure our security is.   If the DNC members can be easily hacked, so can government agencies, since many from the DNC and RNC work within these agencies.   Grade school age children could have hacked the DNC.

During this last campaign year(s) we have learned how incompetent and untrustworthy agencies such as the FBI, CIA……VA and you name the agency, really are.    Draining the swamp will be a HUGE job…..reliable confidence is hard to find in this age of world corruption and distrust.


The final night of the Republican National Convention left me confused. I was confused for all the normal reasons a liberal would be confused by such proceedings: the night included call outs to the LGBTQ community and addressed issues such as women’s equality, the gender pay gap and childcare policies—traditionally Democratic issues—all to applause. It…

via You Can Like Ivanka and Still Hate Donald — TIME

Critics of Trump have referred to the RNC as the Hatefest…….those same people then say “You can like Ivanka and still hate Donald”.    Those referencing/criticizing hate are the only ones using the word!


Trump plane lands on Cruz!

Make no mistake about it; Ted Cruz gave the speech of his life, one that will be remembered for a lifetime, his lifetime.  In 2020 when this egotistical maniac runs for president again; there is a portion of the speech he gave at the 2016 RNC that will be played and replayed over and over again and it will haunt him.  Its not what he said at the start of or the middle of the speech but what he didn’t say towards the end.   Cruz was virtually booed off the stage for not endorsing Trump, and not just by the New York delegation as he tried to make you believe.   That moment defined his appearance at the RNC and it will be repeated time after time.   It won’t be forgotten, you can bet any (any) political adversaries in the future will refresh memories.

While Cruz finished up, his wife was being escorted from the convention hall for her own safety.    He didn’t see it coming?   Trump did!   Trump was not surprised or even offended by the non-endorsement; he expected such.   Trump invited Cruz to speak and gave him the rope to hang himself and he took it.   What reason did Cruz have to speak if he wasn’t going to endorse the party nominee for POTUS? It was an attempt to embarrass Trump; to divide the party further.   It brought it closer together.  It was self serving, an attempt to be Reagonistic; that did not work.   Ted Cruz is not Ronald Reagon!

Granted Trump and Cruz were (are) bitter political enemies, an understatement.   He was given an opportunity to be bigger…….he became smaller.   Trump out did him once again.   It started earlier in the evening, Trump’s plane landing in the background even overshadowed the Cruz supporter’s get together.


When the truth is spoken in this world of political correctness, and it does not favor one of your own they call it hatred.  The liberal media and political left; mostly Democrats calling the tone from the Republican National Convention as a field of hatred.  Nothing coming from this convention but hate.

Well, Hillary got smacked around a bit last evening and rightfully so.   The Dems call it hatred!   No!  When you call out the most corrupt candidate for the office of the President of the United States, that is on her!    Hillary Clinton put herself there, she did this!   The truth hurts!   Hillary doesn’t recognize the truth.   She ignores truth!   Everyone else lies but Hillary.

If the Department of Justice is not going to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her crimes and corruption, than the least that must be done is to expose her with the spoken words of the truth.   Warning, some statements may sound plagiaristic, we’ve repeated Hillary’s corrupt history time after time.