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arlin report thought(s) of the day: bailing out the rioters ……….arsonists

Kamala Harris and the left supporting riot and rioters by assisting on bailing them out of jails. Of course they do this because the Left needs them back on the street to return to the chaos and fire. ‘Here fella, here is a nice lighter to spark the next burn. Here is a can of gas to go along with it and if you get caught again we’ll bail your ass out again.’


Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

But rioting would continue under Biden. Biden will be the anarchist’s puppet.


Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

arlin report thought(s) of the day: they don’t loot books, or work boots

The rioters don’t loot books………they’ll vandalize the store front windows because that is fun/exciting. They don’t want work boots……they’ll take the Nike shoes and clothing. They’ll steal the jeans, sweat shirts…………but leave the book section alone. Later we’ll see them wearing Nike shoes they couldn’t afford to pay for but had the time to loot. They won’t be wearing work boots, not even tonight when they riot and loot again. We won’t see them on their front porches reading to a friend or just for themselves, they left the books…….they won’t buy or even loot. They don’t open a pallet of bricks to lay a patio or build a home, but they’ll throw them at cops. Oh the irony of it all!

Once again in NYC, Bill de Blasio does nothing while Macy’s (and others) is trashed and looted.



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It is 7:55 PM CST.   We are just a few moments away from the announcement of the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown killing by Officer Darren Wilson.

The local and national media have turned this into a prime time national circus.   Earlier this evening, you could see so-called protesters or maybe just viewers dancing, like this was a celebration.

This national special television event is sickening.



Someone else is going to die before it is all over, if it’s ever over in Ferguson, Missouri.   The black raging mob will not be happy until a cop is dead, but it could lead to another local getting him or herself killed, the tension isn’t letting up.  Its nothing short of a miracle no one else has died……..yet, from all the violence.   A man was shot last night by a police officer after pulling out a hand gun.   Really, how stupid is that, are they testing the cops?   A local radio station said it wasn’t known if this shooting was related to the Ferguson unrest.   I would say its all related.   If you are anywhere near Ferguson and pull a gun around a police officer……you are an idiot.  How smart is that, to try to provoke a cop in that area, especially now.   ( not a question). 

Al Sharpton, isn’t helping.   He sounds like Barack Obama “I’m not here to stir things up.”   That is exactly what he is here for, he doesn’t mean that.   Sharpton, referred to the Michael Brown killing as a “murder in the streets of St. Louis”; before we even know the truth.   It is how Sharpton and thugs of Ferguson want it.   Al Sharpton makes his living on racial unrest and feeds off the division between black & white.

When I speak of the thugs of Ferguson, I am referring to those breaking the law, with all the violence.  I know there are a lot of good people in Ferguson, black and white that do not condone the behavior of those rioting, that want the truth.

The longer all the violence and threats of violence continues, the longer it takes to find the truth.    This mess gives me a bad feeling…….that the worse is yet to come.   Al go home and take the Black Panthers with you.