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arlin report thought(s) of the day: bailing out the rioters ……….arsonists

Kamala Harris and the left supporting riot and rioters by assisting on bailing them out of jails. Of course they do this because the Left needs them back on the street to return to the chaos and fire. ‘Here fella, here is a nice lighter to spark the next burn. Here is a can of gas to go along with it and if you get caught again we’ll bail your ass out again.’


What we need more of …. — The Goomba Gazette

Herschel Walker on protests by pro athletes: We can’t solve anything with a closed fist, we need an open hand How true this is. One of the all time greats, but he needs a lot more support to get his message across. TO THE RIOTERS: For the kid crazy people. If you are too self-centered […]

What we need more of …. — The Goomba Gazette

when have we seen enough?????

Only WE can take our streets back. This could have been your son, your brother, your friend. This could have also been George Floyd’s brother, son or friend. These people have no legit protesting credibility. They are lawless thugs. Why do WE, the good people of this country continue to allow ourselves to be intimidated and threatened by these lawless animals? This country would not have been founded if our founding fathers had stood by and done nothing and allowed others to rule us. Why are we remaining a silent majority while our own people, a radically manipulated mass of leftist socialist haters of America try destroying us? Why are we doing nothing while everything we built as a nation is turning to ashes? Do we not recognize acts of war when it is in our own streets? Are we going to wait until it hits home? This is our home and we share it!