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I think that revolution should have already started. Better late than never. Here would be a great start, similar to January 6, We the People ban together and march on Washington in numbers of which has never been seen. I mean massive numbers, we go to the Capitol, and we keep it peaceful, but use our voices with extreme force. Just the sight of people protesting (even peacefully) in those numbers would scare the hell out of the Nancy Pelosi crowd to a point they’d soil their pants. A protest, with massive numbers would overwhelm these pansy asses. If Jan. 6th told us anything it is that “The Washington D.C. powers that be are afraid of the American people”. A revolution is on its way, it must start peacefully. We don’t need to smash out windows and enter, to walk around the halls and chant. We can do that outside. Are weapon, doesn’t even need to be a gun. We can beat these morons without a gun. We can beat them with numbers, we outnumber them by the millions. They’d know we are coming, but there is nothing they can do to stop us. Of course they’d close down their sessions and probably go home. Or maybe not, their transportation home would be closed off, by the overwhelming number of real Americans taking back their country!

Here is one thing, a big thing we must be cautious of: There will be these radical, out of control groups that will want to infiltrate whatever we do. Wolves in sheep’s clothing type……..whose purpose would be to sabotage our massive protest. They’d want to do it their way……..with violence and destruction, like some on Jan. 6th did, like those cities in 2020. We can’t have that happen. We can defend against it, simply with our massive, overwhelming numbers. Remember THERE IS STRENGHT IN NUMBERS! That is our weapon of protest, and a defense against those wanting to sabotage our revolutionary movement.

Biden has been right about one thing: “It will get worse before it gets better folks!”. (Biden is a has-been). There is no end of this craziness in sight! How much worse can we allow it? You can’t afford food prices …….and it goes up daily. You are paying higher gas prices daily. You can’t afford gas to even get you to the grocery stores, to work or to the doctor’s office. WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? We are beyond that! Do you see any difference between our governing bodies today (who are out of control, only care about themselves and continue to take power, power away from We the People) and the British red coat’s ruling over our forefathers? They look the same to me!


Here is an interesting article on link below. I do not necessarily agree with everything stated, but makes an interesting read. (Also any politically stated positions mentioned or not necessarily my position either).