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Paul Ryan and establishment Republicans “not ready or won’t” support Donald Trump exemplify just why the American people do not have any trust in these elected office holders.   I refuse to call them leaders, they demonstrate no leadership.   As Speaker of the dominate Republican House, Ryan’s comments “I am not ready to support Donald Trump” may as well have said…….”Today we are a Party divided and I am considering supporting the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Trump has been accused, by the establishment, of dividing the Republican Party.  That is total BS the Republican elite want you to believe.   The Republican’s have divided or separated from the people, with their false promises and lies……..which has caused division among the elected officials left with any kind of integrity and loyalty to We the People; a very minimal class.   Donald Trump has exposed the establishment for what they are; simpletons more interested in backroom, “whats in it for me” purpose.  I would have to say, Ryan and people like him are in fact “more like” the corrupt Hillary Clinton than they are different; proving there is little difference between the parties……They end up in bed together somewhere.  Cooperation is a great and wonderful thing, but not when it deceives the people you represent.

Paul Ryan and the pouters that claim they will not be attending the Republican Convention are showing their true colors.    Trump is, if he wasn’t before, an Independent that took on the Republican establishment, pushed them aside with the same contempt “they” show the American people.   Now that they’ve been beaten by a beginner with an ego larger than his Tower; the establishment Republicans don’t want to play anymore; not with this guy they allowed to be bullied by.   They’re taking their ball from the field and going home, to huddle-up and see if they can find another way, another game and a player they can control, one that will play by their rules; one that will let them win and have their way.  If they can not find this Manchurian, they’ll do what they already appear to be doing, concede to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has done a great service to us all, no matter what happens; he has exposed what many of us knew; the Constitution and our Government works……..when it is respected.   When it is flooded with corrupt officials, elected and appointed as it is, for as long as it has, it fails.   We have witnessed failure for many years, failure from the established political powers of both parties.  What We the People get out of this campaign, is the view of a rigged system.   Rigged by abusers of power……..the establishment, of which Hillary Clinton is not just a player but a designer.

All those cry babies that didn’t get their way, that Jeb didn’t waltz to victory with the Republican nomination, are quite content on going to the backroom, remain silent and open the door for Hillary.   Good luck with that, We the People see through that BS too!   When you start losing seats in Congress…….it will be from a pissed off public; and it will include both sleeping parties.

Some of Hillary’s partners have been interviewed by the FBI.   Hillary soon will be, unless of course she does not cooperate, interviewed.   Would that surprise you?   She is after all above us, above the law.  Just ask her!


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are already running independent campaigns.    The Donald is fighting an establishment; for the most part a Republican, business as usual and most importantly controlled insiders party.  They are doing everything they can to keep Trump from the nomination, legal or illegal; there is no political justice in this country; not for a long time.   Make no mistake, Trump is an independent, little to no support from THE PARTY, the established Republicans.  Trump is an independent, he is just using the Republican ticket, he knows and they know it!  They haven’t been able to stop him, “possibly” until Cleveland anyway.

Bernie Sanders, same thing; a SOCIALIST, running an independent campaign; using the Democratic ticket.

Trump and Sanders are trying to avoid a 3rd ticket; but they are both independents who have invaded the Republican and Democratic Parties.   Divided them if you will.  Up until now anyway, the Establishment parties have been outsmarted.

Don’t you just love a post that doesn’t mention the corrupt Dark Arkansas Princess!



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No I am not endorsing John Kaisch for the Republican nominee to take on the fixed candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.  It is Kaisch not Trump hanging in as a candidate with no possible path to the nomination outright.   Kaisch is there for one reason, possibly two reasons.   He is still goofy enough to think he can win the 8 mandatory states in the primaries in order to gain the nomination taking the long road through an open convention.   Or, he remains to take enough delegates away from Trump to keep him from the 1,237 magic number to nomination.  Kaisch hangs in as an Establishment plant, favor………he is part of the good ole boys D.C. army.  Kaisch has an anybody but Trump mentality; which also means he doesn’t give a damn what the American people want.   Oh he talks a good word……..he is as deceitful as Cruz.   Kaisch has an ego, close to Trump’s…………I, I, I.   How many times do you hear…….I did this in Ohio, I did this in Washington…..I,I,I.  You can’t argue with that he is a part of the Washington Establishment, he is correct, he has been saying I for many years.  He has lots of friends in Washington, he is not an outsider.   He is not wanted as Commander-in-Chief by the American public.   He continues to stay in this race for one purpose, to divide the votes, which divides the party at this point even further.   He is hoping for one outcome, which won’t happen, but will settle for the other; keeping Trump from winning outright.   Then the Establishment can REGAIN CONTROL of the convention.   The Republican Party will be finished……if it happens.   Lets face it folks this Party has totally lost touch with We the People.   They do not make logical or smart decisions……..their own stupidity is bringing it down.

Whit Ayres: The numbers suggest Trump would lead GOP to disaster — National Post

A Trump nomination has as much chance of success in the general election as Trump University, or Trump Mortgage, or Trump Shuttle, or Trump Vodka, or Trump Casinos

via Whit Ayres: The numbers suggest Trump would lead GOP to disaster — National Post

Who are we kidding, the Republican party has been a disaster for sometime.   The GOP in Congress has done nothing, has ignored the American people, lied to us.    Democrats……they’ve been a disaster all along.


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The Democrats, a lost delusional party…….not really in the discussion right now.   The GOP, as deceiving as the Dems, had an opportunity, but their own selfish motives, have brought on anger and distrust among us.  They will be busy keeping their front runner, if she still is, from being indicted.

It won’t be Hillary, Bernie or that other guy that bounces the GOP, the division of the GOP will be of their own doing.   They don’t know what to do, they can’t handle the two rebel candidates within their party.  Screaming “Donald Trump is not a conservative, not one of them” will back fire, especially when all the yelling comes from the elite establishment.   They are the business as usual crowd.


What the Republicans and the Democrats for that matter are afraid of can be summed up from a movie quote   “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”   This is why they want to shut up and shut down Trump and Cruz.


I am not going to set here at my keyboard and defend the  Republican Party, Tea Party and certainly not the Dems.,   Sometimes it is very hard to tell them apart.   They are pretty chummy when they are all in the same room together; and it’s just them.

I read a bloggers’ post this morning that was rather humorous.    The author, I won’t mention, actually I have already forgotten, however, the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous the point of the post.   Beating up on the GOP, that everything that came from the mouth of a Republican was invented (paraphrasing here); especially when discussing Hillary Clinton and Obama.   The author referred to the ridicule as nothing more than making poor Hillary and Barack Obama scapegoats.    She was proud of the success of Obama and Hillary.   Really?  Name them!    Is the Iran Deal a success, I don’t think so!    What has Hillary done, except create scandal after scandal……….where bodies lie.

I would hardly call Obama and Hillary scapegoats.    Scapegoats are normally, somewhat innocent, may have a dirty little finger in the mess, but greatly overstated by their opponents.   Hillary and Obama are right in the middle of every scandal and corrupt act they have ever been accused.    Hillary and Obama are far from scapegoats and where there is smoke there is fire.  Both place themselves in the flaming pits all on their own.   No, they are the real thing, corrupt!    The Republicans don’t need to invent anything when it comes to Hillary R. Clinton and the POTUS.






Ted Cruz is 100% correct, the Republican House and Senate in Washington has done absolutely “NOTHING”.    The current field of candidates for president, calling themselves Republicans, don’t look much different.  What are they telling you, what are they discussing?   Nothing, except talk about Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is dominating discussion, not about issues but about Donald Trump.   THAT is playing into Donald Trump’s hands.   The Republican Party is making Donald Trump, not just a candidate, but, an ISSUE.  Now he becomes a question in every interview.   When a candidate is being interviewed and ask questions on issues………they comeback to the ISSUE of TRUMP.

Erick Erickson’s uninviting Trump from Erickson’s Redstate Gathering, did what?   Gave Trump more headlines, he became the focus, at least of the opening of Erickson’s party.   Later we find out that was a bit hypocritical of Erickson; seems he has done some politically “incorrect” name calling of his own.

Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, interviewed Trump this morning.   Let me rephrase that:  Todd was trying to force an apology from The Donald for the comments directed toward Megyn Kelly (you know, the “Blood coming from her eyes………etc. thing).   More headlines for Donald!  Now the news is Donald Trump won’t apologize.   They spent most of the program discussing how and what it would take to make Donald Trump go away from the presidential race.  All they did was confirm, the mainstream media pushing the outcome of American politics in a direction favorable to their agenda.

Alert!   While I have been writing this post, a news development just occurred; Chuck Todd actually interviewed (pre-recorded) Marco Rubio about a couple of actual issues without mentioning Donald Trump.   Is there hope?    Nope!   He went to Claire McCaskill and he could not avoid it.    You know, Claire the Hillary supporter.  Now there is an ethical source of political opinion for you.

You want Donald Trump to fade back into his penthouse, or to his golf courses?   Then, they must start talking about the issues confronting this nation.   And yes, some of those topics are issues being slapped around by Trump.   Stop making trump the issue.  I want to know what the presidential candidate is going to do in the future.   How is he or she going to get the Republican Party to uphold the promises made.   When does the status quo change?

Trump has received much of his attention/support as “The Protest Candidate”.    We have set and watched Congress set on their hands, doing nothing, giving Obama free reign.   The other candidates to be successful must discuss the issues.   Not just talk about the problem, but solutions, their solutions.

Only the candidates can get rid of Trump. Ted Cruz has an opportunity to take the Republican football and run.  Carly Fiorina belongs in the next Republican debate with the boys.   Carly, some advice, be the real different kind of Republican.   Tell us what you would do and how you would do it.   That would be refreshing.  It’ll go along way.   Don’t worry about political correctness or tone, but set Trump aside.    🙂