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REP. CLAY, “We are here because Americans are tired of lies”.

So, what does this House committee do, bring in a LIAR about to go to prison (Michael Cohen).  As one House rep. said for this liar’s testimony “Thank you Michael.”

I would also like to remind Rep. Clay, the United States Congress is the most seasoned institution of all for lying to the American public…………….. past, present and most certainly will in the future.  –  Check it out for accuracy, this statement made by me, Arlin Luttrell from the Arlin report.  Rep. Cummings, I’d like to voluntarily testify before Congress on my accusation that your body of government is Corrupt, hypocritical, pathological liars.   Your committee has no credibility.

When someone lies, while under oath, they are nervous……as Cohen seems to be when hammered by the Republicans.   He is getting excitable.  Get nervous, the body reacts.   Cohen had to ask for a potty break shortly into the hearing.  HE IS LYING!

What we really have today at the Michael Cohen hearing is:  A urination contest between Democrats and Republicans.