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Arlin report thought of the day: this halloween children be careful

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Kids (and parents) be very careful how you choose your costumes this Halloween. Otherwise, you may be accused of being a racist!



Accusations, that is what they are.   An accusation doesn’t have to be true.   Sometimes its a statement that people making the accusation want it to be true.  False accusations are like fake news…….say it, repeat it over and over and people get it implanted in their heads and believe it to be true.   Its kind of like a brain washing.

We hear Donald Trump is racists…….especially circling today on MLK Jr. day from the Left and some from the Right, you know those anti-Trumpers and Trump haters.   Hypos!!

Figure that one out, Donald Trump, while in office less than a year has done more for African Americans than Obama did in eight.   Because Trump is trying to protect America first, with immigration laws, a border wall…….he must be a Mexican hater.   If following the law makes you racists……..then count me in.


I once took a logic class when I was a sophomore in college.   The one thing we (I)  learned is (and my terminology may not be correct here) by using mathematical type logistics nearly anything can be given the impression to be logical.  Which can/or often can be false.  It’s the three interconnecting/overlapping circle of logic (I know that is not how it is referred).   But, you place a statement in each circle and by interconnecting with another makes the illogical logical.   If you took a class on logic, you’ve probably heard the:   Every dog is an animal.  Every cat is an animal; therefore every dog is a cat or every animal is a dog logic.   However, every dog and cat are animals.

So, what is my point?   No, I am obviously not going to teach a logics class anytime soon.  But how did we get to:  One bad racist/hate group enters a circle, another bad racist/hate group interconnects their circle, and yes there was at least one other racist/hate group interconnecting the other circles but they (according to all the leftist/alt right/ liberal/anti-Trump groups)  who make-up a great deal of these circles………how does one come out to be a good guy without any shared fault?   If you use the formula above, Trump is absolutely correct………all are wrong, all were at fault.   A KKK member is now a Nazi, all anti-Trumpers are now KKK members……..   They all are like the cats and dogs, they are animals and all animals cats.    All are still racist/hate groups.   How did anyone win in Charlottesville?


VIDEO : This Video Shows Hillary is the REAL Racist!



Blacks have all black awards events.   Black Miss America, BET (Black Entertainment Television) awards.   No whites are boycotting these award ceremonies, you can’t boycott something you were NEVER part of.   Because it is for blacks only.   The Oscars are not black only.   It isn’t the White Oscars.

Do blacks want to be nominated just to fill a quota?  Would that satisfy?   Probably not.  I thought we were beyond this.  Racism has gone so far backwards…….possibly worse than we have been in a long time.  It is a right to boycott, so boycott, spend time getting better. Maybe next time awards are earned.



Gary Pinkel, the Missouri football coach made a statement on Twitter that the Mizzou family stands as one united with their student athletes.    Is that a statement that Pinkel is asking for the resignation or firing of the Mizzou system President Timothy Wolfe?   Is the winningest football coach in MIzzou history compromising his own position?

If Mizzou forfeits their game this weekend with BYU, Missouri will owe BYU a One million dollar payment according to their contract.  Players threatening not to play are under scholarship.   A football scholarship is a contract between the player and university, the player practices and plays games and represents the university, in exchange the student athlete gets an education……..he/she goes to class.   I understand some classes may be skipped as well now.   I also believe this racial issue exists on the campus and campuses throughout the nation.   I believe there is a better way to deal with the issue.   Protest, demonstrate, do it on game day in front of an entire nation.   You won’t get that audience by a forfeiture.

The board of curators meet today, in closed session to discuss personnel matters.   If Wolfe is fired……..the student protesters win their grievance/complaint.   Does this set up a repetitious way of handling similar problems in the future…….they’ll hold the U of Missouri hostage every time they have a complaint.   Who will be next?




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You can be truthful and sincere without being hateful.   If you  have a point to make, make it.   Sometimes the truth does hurt.  What we need to hear can be hard to listen to.    Difficult messages don’t have to be insulting.   Using words to intentionally hurt another is hate.

Stand up, speak-out for what is right.