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arlin report thought(s) of the day: our international joke

Imagine, though it is difficult to imagine Joe Biden in a meeting alone with Putin! Inconceivable! His handlers would have to escort him to his seat, come and get him when Putin is finished speaking. Putin must know Biden won’t understand a damn thing he would talk about, of any diplomatic, or otherwise importance. Maybe Putin reads Joe nursery rhymes, or plays cartoons for him. Putin’s meeting is for one purpose and one purpose only, to see how far down, how far lost Biden’s mind and body truly is. He is only seeing it for himself. Joe Biden is not any kind of challenge, let alone a treat to Putin. Putin will see that Joe Biden is not a major player/leader on the world scene, their global chess game. Biden has no moves, he will be directed, guided………..I can’t say manipulated because he is not significant. Putin will understand it is the Biden handlers in charge of Joe, and that they are as ignorant and weak as their face of the Democratic Socialist Party in America. Putin has little to gain, accept somehow swindle the store from America through this incoherent piece. Putin “may” understand the trance many American’s are in, with this fake, but destructive President, and that it can’t, won’t last. Will Putin feel sorry for Biden? ……….. I doubt it, he will probably laugh in his face! THIS JOURNEY BIDEN IS ON IS THE MOST EMBARASSING STRETCH IN OUR HISTORY. Boris Johnson in a round table meeting, stuck out his hand at least twice to get Biden to stop talking. Biden asked to have someone be introduced (the person already had been). Johnson stuck out his hand towards Biden to quiet him. They all know BIDEN IS A JOKE!


Vladimir Putin (2017-07-08).jpg
Hillary was supposed to win…….damn it!

Democrats (Liberals) and Main Stream Media hammering Trump that he is not spanking Putin on interfering in America’s elections.  This is ultimate hypocrisy……first lets get something straight; Russia has always interfered in elections, ours and every other country they had interest in destroying.   That is a major act (not just policy) of their government, socialism/communism.  They have always interfered.   And surprise, surprise…….interfering in elections is nothing new to the U.S. either, Hillary Clinton is the queen of election interference.   To be fair to Hillary, though she doesn’t deserve it, the U.S. has a deep history of interfering in elections.   Its called propaganda!   Russia has been propagandizing for ever, but the liberal media, the anti-Trump media, wants you to believe this is done under Trump.   Shame on him for not criticizing Putin, after the 13 Russian indictments.  Trump, knows darn well scolding Putin, will not end Russian propaganda.   If that were true, Harry Truman would have ask Moscow to “stop it” long ago.

So, now, even though we know that the interference of the 2016 election started back in 2014 (before Trump announced his candidacy).   Gee, that under the Obama Administration.   You heard nothing from the media then, or Obama’s Admin.  There is evidence they knew, or at least they should have expected; after all its always happened.  But no, now after a year of Trump, this is suddenly news.   It doesn’t surprise me, as the media will use anything to criticize Trump.  The media acts like this has never happened.   Truth is, as long as their liberal friends were in power……..it isn’t a problem, it isn’t news worthy.  Whatever hurts trump, its major headlines, only after they put the liberal twist on!

So, how do you punish Russia, with a lecture?   More sanctions……?   I have news for you, I work in the international department of a major bank.   Any transaction that comes across our department, with the word Russia or from a company/individual from Russia, immediately throws up a red flag.   Everything is immediately put on hold, investigated/vetted until cleared.   This from government sanctions.   However, our own government doesn’t play by the same rules/laws that we have to abide by.

So, the bottom line, Russia interfered with the 2016 election.   They had more to gain with Hillary being elected than Trump.  Even to Russia, Trump was risky, how would he play with Russia, he was a political unknown.   Russia’s intention, assure that Hillary won the presidency; after all she was already a Russian business partner, Uranium One and husband Bill’s speech payments of $500,000.00 proves that. That being just what we know about, what else was there? Obama?   “Tell Vladi, I’ll have more flexibility after the election (Obama’s 2nd term)”.   If not Hillary, then Bernie Sanders……..a socialist in place!!

You heard nothing about Russian interference as long as the game was with Obama and Hillary, until Hillary LOST!   The great excuse “I lost because of Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign!”    This is ultimate BS!  This is Obama, Clinton and Main Stream Media PROPAGANDA!

Who let the 13 in?   John Kerry, not Trump!


John McCain, you keep showing us why you could never have won the presidency.   You get slaughtered in debate, are easy to counter argue.   You don’t think before you speak.   Many politicians do that, including Trump………..but you, you are easy to chop up.

McCain’s latest criticism of the POTUS, “he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin over senior US intelligence officials when he says his country didn’t interfere in the 2016 election.”

1st Trump said……  “I believe HE means what he says”.

2nd……. Mr. McCain, the U.S. Intelligence officials you so highly speak of, was/has been at odds, if not political war against Trump, even prior to him being elected POTUS.  Like the Left, Trump was not their CHOSEN ONE.

3rd….   Mr. McCain, are you saying the CIA (FBI for that matter) has/have always been honest with us, or even honest with this President or other past Presidents?   Seems false info has been given to Presidents by the (cough/gag) “Intelligence” organizations often.  If JFK were only alive today, what would he have to say about the CIA?

The CIA will only share what they WANT us to believe, and that would include the POTUS.   I would say Putin’s word is as good as U.S. Intel!

When Putin was asked by Trump about Russian interference, what did you expect him to say?   Oh, of course we did?  Truth is, Russia has always tried to influence U.S. elections and other elections throughout the world.   That is what communist/socialist nations do!

We should accept they probably did meddle, they did not determine who won.   They were not the deciding factor.   But, we should move forward and try to keep it from happening again, or at least lessen it.    Illegal voters voting, voting fraud is a much greater problem.

Mr. McCain, Senator, retire……..you’ve lost what logic you ever had.

And then there is this:

Image result for Photos of McCain with ISIS


Wild Goats Fighting

Russia may or may not have had a preference who was elected United States President.   Their foreign policy is soaked with propaganda; getting Americans to believe what they want us to believe.   It’s always been that way.   The U.S. has had plenty of pamphlets dropped filling citizens of the world with our world political philosophy, designed by less than genius intelligence as well.

With all the hacking, does it really matter who did the hacking……..Nothing else mattered to Hillary, so why any hacking?  Secure your computer and we probably don’t have this discussion or never-ending controversy.   Hillary could not possibly have lost the election on her own, could she?   I know that seems impossible because she was the one prearranged to be the one moving into the White House on Friday.   The powers that be (with the Soros money and corruption), along with the Saudis’, took middle America for granted, or never figured them in the election equation at all.

However, what has transpired, and this is a huge victory for Putin and Russia; ………..they win.   Not because Trump was elected or Hillary got her behind handed to her, but because the nation split further apart as the campaign waged on.  The nation has not been this divided since the sixties, possibly the Civil War. The Russians accomplished what they wanted…..A DIVIDED AMERICA.

The Democrats/liberals and all those that voted or just voiced their love for a corrupt Hillary Clinton can not get over the fact she LOST.   This might have made a great Hollywood movie with Meryl Streep playing the part of Hillary R. Clinton and Alec Baldwin as Donald J. Trump; but its only suppose to be fiction, they pick up their awards and go home.  They can not deal with reality.

There is a list of Democrats that announced (and some Republicans I am sure) they will not attend the Inauguration as if it is terribly significant news, their great moment of defiance.  Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) said it’ll be very difficult to work with Donald Trump and his administration.   Congressman Lewis should probably resign if he no longer believes he can do the job he was elected.

A DIVIDED NATION……..not just from the propaganda of Russia.  Take a real close up view of the career political figures that took us down this trail and the Americans (We the People) that fell for it.

Thousands to leave Aleppo if plan holds — Peace and Freedom

A fresh bid to evacuate rebels and civilians is underway in Aleppo, after Russia’s Vladimir Putin ordered the military to prepare a humanitarian corridor. The International Red Cross later said operations had begun. The rebels will be transported towards Idlib through a specially set up corridor, using 20 buses and 10 ambulances, Russia’s defense ministry […]

via Thousands to leave Aleppo if plan holds — Peace and Freedom

Russia and Putin have a greater influence in Syria than does the U.S. and Obama.  Good or bad?



Hillary will say anything, do anything to get elected into what she believes is her entitled office of POTUS.   It wasn’t long ago 20% of U.S. uranium ended up in the hands of Russia, compliments of the Secretary of State, Hillary and Bill Clinton profited.   IT DIDN’T BELONG TO HER!    Now, with the election up in the air, Hillary has been blaming Putin & the Russian’s for hacking into the DNC emails and feeding Wikileaks and falsely claims a tie with Trump.    Hillary is throwing her old buddy Putin under the corruption bus at the amusement of the Russian leader.

Hillary will absolutely bite the hands that feed her!   Is HRC going to toss Huma Abedin under that bus as  well?  Who will be tossing who?   You can see the fingers pointing now!   Hummma!  These answers may turn up on Weiner’s laptop!   Who will Clinton have to blame with the investigation of the Clinton Foundation?   Huma?  Huma has been……that is now had been HRC’s dark shadow.    Hillary always has bodies, warm bodies around her to blame, sometimes they turn up cold………..Vince Foster!

Just learned the hits coming from Hillary’s latest emails discovered, many are new, not former hits……..who does Hillary blame for that?   Huma and Weiner!!! If I were the Weiner, and thank God I am not…….I’d be howling like a scared coyote.

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Hillary’s statements of convenience!


When Hillary Clinton tries to convince We the People…Donald Trump is a failing businessman, she questions his wealth, he may not be a billionaire.  Then as she did in last nights debate: “Undocumented immigrants pay more federal taxes than a billionaire”.  He is and he is not; whichever is convenient for Hillary for that almighty vote.  By the way that would only be income taxes; Trump does pay other taxes.   And Hillary, stop acting like you pay taxes you yourself are not required to pay.   Your hypocrisy shines!   You also like to use the phrase “undocumented immigrants”, that is the same as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

Hillary answered the open borders question by flipping the conversation to Russia and Putin!   What?   Nice way to avoid the question………not really, it fooled nobody!

Hillary avoids answering to the Wikileaks releases by blaming Russia for espionage, setting up and working with Wikileaks on hacked/stolen info that Trump should disavow.  Hillary argues Putin’s unethical acts when it damages her, so she doesn’t have to answer to her own corruption.  Hypocrisy at the highest level.


DORAL, Fla.–Just three days after the Democratic National Committee’s email was hacked–which cyber experts say appears to have been by Russians–the Republican presidential nominee is calling on the foreign power to hack his opponent’s email server. Republican Donald Trump called on Wednesday for Russia to infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s email server to find the missing emails, […]

via Trump says Russia should find Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails — FOX 61


Jake Sullivan of the Clinton campaign says this is becoming a serious security issue; Trump suggesting Russia hack Hillary’s emails for the 30, 000 missing.    Jake, Russia probably has already hacked her emails……….it wasn’t Trump that made them accessible.   It was your girl, Hillary.

Trump was stating a possibility that already existed.  It really sounds like Trump’s way of asking Russia to share with the American people what Russia already knows.