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Uncle Sam’s HEADLESS HORSEMAN Will Not Be Able To Leave His Room This Month?

Gee, I thought we sent America’s best in wino Nancy P. and disinformation king Adam S to the Ukraine just a week ago? LOL, so I guess they told the Ukraine leaders and people, we’re with you till the end (like Vietnam and Afghanistan), then if another socialist democratic president is in the WH, we’ll abandon you eventually. Leave everything for Putin. Sold 250 books on Jill……..WOW and you’re right, how does that happen with the most popular president ever elected in the U.S. that received the most counted votes in history (over 81,000,000)? BECAUSE IT AIN’T TRUE, THEY CHEATED! Just like Joe said they would! Is Hunter going with Jill, to show her the ropes? (Arlin Report comment)

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The wrong Biden is traveling to Romania and Slovakia this month

KAREN TOWNSEND May 02, 2022 at HotAir:


AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Jill Biden (call her Dr. Biden) is scheduled to travel to Romania and Slovakia, her second solo trip since becoming first lady. She will spend Mother’s Day with Ukrainian refugee women and children.

The question is, why is she going on this trip and not her husband, the leader of the free world? She’s going to be in the neighborhood of Ukraine because the purpose of her trip is to show support for American troops and Ukrainian refugees, particularly since most of them are women and children. Why not send Biden and let him cross over into Ukraine as a show of strength? Ina postI wrote yesterday, I mentioned that it may not make much of a difference in the long run, but it would…

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Putin Told “Get Out!” by BIDEN

The world would not miss Biden or Putin, the world would be much better off. There are a couple more that can go hang out with Putin and Biden, one in China another in North Korea.

Hoboduke Nonsense

Polling numbers right now for President Joe Biden reassure me that people in our United States of America are smarter than the White House. Propaganda tacticians staged Political Theater with President “Joe” sitting with our soldiers in Poland. Joe had his mouth stuffed full of pizza before the military were served a meal. I was not aware that our government is starving our fearless leader. Our 46th president has 54% of USA “disapprove” of his performance {Reuters Poll}. (Disapprove is a nice way of asking him to GET OUT!)

How can we make Russia and USA happy now? The Perfect Solution; Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin both retire for “health reasons” now. Russia and USA are both getting sick of both of them.

Nobody gave him the authority to order Vladimir Putin out of elected office. But that is our Joe Biden stuffing his foot into his big mouth (again)!…

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They made a big deal out of Joe Biden being flanked by two women (last year when he read to America) a year ago, this picture is the most recent State of the Union Address. But the real picture here, the real story, the shame is, and it has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER, is the gathering of the most dangerous and stupidest politicians ever assembled!

One of Biden’s statements, a pledge/promise (whatever it was) was to “save” the planet. That isn’t very inspiring or promising, in fact should scare us all. Biden “literally” has screwed up everything he has ever placed his filthy dirty paws on. So instead of an improved place for us to live, you can bet as long as Biden has any kind of say………we are screwed. Then look at the image above………does that give you any kind of feel good feeling? It is frightening to think that the top 3, the Big Three (Stooges) government officials have a collective quantity of stupidity never seen in the history of our country and probably the world. They are extremely dangerous and pulling off all those horrific things they accused Trump of doing. They are everything they accused him of being. They are a danger to the planet, a threat. I fear these idiots more than any nuclear threat by Putin. Save the planet Joe? You didn’t mean that! You could not have meant that while you are in fact destroying our nation!

Does it get any better? Throw in a few more names and not just Dems: Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell (sneaky, lying, back room snuggle buddy Mitch) and the all talk no substance Lindsey Graham. The list does go on and on and on.

In order now: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham? They all like the camera! The equally stupid members of the administration try to keep Biden and Harris away from the public as much as possible. But! LOL! Oh and here is a ray of false sunshine, apparently Biden is going to Europe himself next rather than sending Kamala as even they know how ridiculous she looked last week in Poland, wherever she showed up. Nobody will take his calls, so who is going to visit?

I’ve been around awhile, and around the block a few times and never in my life time have I ever seen this nation in the kind of mess it is in. That is being mild about it. The border (a total F–ked up mess), inflation (a mess, rising to a point I don’t think you can even call it inflation), crime (many places no law and enforcement, totally messed up judicial system), national security (what security), military (there booting the strongest from the service and oh giving our equipment to terrorists), healthcare (they don’t talk about that much anymore, not really, just COVID and that has slowed no too. Gee how is that? A distraction somewhere?), transportation (no problem the clown-mayor that couldn’t fix pot holes in his town is in charge), Education (what education), Energy independence (Nope not there anymore. The creep in the White House, somehow thought we’d all be better off if we paid more for gas………he took it away, our independence). The list goes on and on and on……..but I don’t have the time to write it all down and you don’t have the time to read it. Oh and below is a list of Biden’s accomplishments!


No wasteful spending and just plane waste did not begin with U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan but it certainly continued. Apparently equipment was destroyed at the Kabul airport with withdrawal (SOME equipment). Much was left abandoned in fields throughout Afghanistan that had become old and parts unattainable, maintenance ignored. Billions of equipment was left for the Taliban to control……….operable equipment. Government just wants to admit that which was not operable. Waste did not begin during the withdrawal. A large complex was built and never used, costing billions. Another training facility basically melted away, poorly constructed……….but hell we only spent $500,000 on that one. Take a peak at the list of wasteful spending in the link below.


Here is a thought: Biden (well maybe not an incoherent Joe Biden) and the Pentagon had to know prior to the Afghan withdrawal that Putin was eyeing the Ukraine. All that military equipment left in Afghanistan could have been moved to the Ukraine, IF the U.S. and the Biden puppet masters were serious about helping the Ukrainians defend themselves. Some of that aid we are providing now could have been used to transport equipment from Afghanistan to the Ukraine and they’d be better equipped than they are now, possibly even prepared for a Putin invasion. BUT no………..we leave all our equipment in Afghanistan. We’ll just give the Ukraine some additional American tax dollars. The Pentagon and Biden administration are acting out a response, just a weak response. They know, they knew that the Ukraine was going to fall to Putin months ago. They don’t care. That is part of the act.

NATO and the U.S. are merely standing by like spectators. The real underlying plan is a movement towards globalism. Biden and his Left (Democratic Socialist Party) are globalists. Wasting millions of tax dollars watching it all play out.



We can certainly use more kindness and love. They go together. This is needed in every region, every state and every nation, every desert, every jungle……every forest. Every inch of ground on this planet could use, needs more. What that does: We work together, accomplish great things, nothing would be impossible. Actually live without fear of one another. It is a solution to many if not most of our problems. I am not advocating A New World Order/ One World Government by any means. That will only bring hate, unhappiness across the globe.

Now on to Satan’s brother………Putin. He thinks, acts as though he is the world leader. Tells the rest of the world what it can and can not do or else. Or else we will see responses like we have never seen before. His aggression is the only act that is acceptable (in his mind). Our response (if any) is an act of war. The man is crazy. He initiated an act of war on the Ukraine. He did that!

Leadership is missing, not just in America, Canada, RUSSIA, Germany, France………it is missing around the globe. Oh and I definitely must mention The United Kingdom. It isn’t just that leadership is horrendously bad, but those in positions of leadership reign in stupidity. Being in a position of leadership does not make you a leader. For solutions to this go back to the first paragraph. It might be a good place to start. But I am not naive enough to think this would ever happen. But, we can certainly pray for it!


Well written with truth and accuracy. The truth is a strong weapon against lies and corruption. (Arlin Report comment)

Why would I ask such a question?  Why would I entertain the insinuation that was offered by the current occupant of the White House and those of his ilk that Americans who do not toe the Leftists line are suffering from psychological issues and are delusional?  Why?  Because the rhetoric and indoctrination are being spewed […]


Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble — Lee Smith via ‘True Discernment’ — Richard’s Watch

I’m grateful to Mark’s contribution to this post for he introduced me to the WordPress site of John Baker, whose latest post is the above in-depth examination of Putin’s motives and The Ukraine’s recent political history,  I’m particularly impressed in its full-some content covering the treachery against Donald Trump and thereby supporting our surmise that Putin’s actions serve as a distraction to the ‘worse than Watergate’ revelations of top-level political evil…It warrants serious, careful study!!

Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble — Lee Smith via ‘True Discernment’ — Richard’s Watch


The Scotsman.com

Above is a photo of the 40 mile long Russian convoy headed towards Kyiv.

The convoy has been stalled for whatever reason, who knows? Putin himself may not even truly know. From stories/rumors some Russian soldiers with no will to fight have walked away crossing back to return to Russia. I am sure a handful have, but I have my doubts that many have taken that route, as they would probably be met by Russian authorities and dealt with, hung or shot! Too, I have read where some Russian troops have punched holes in the vehicles fuel tanks……..again no will to fight.

What I see in this 40 mile convoy is an easy TARGET…….especially if it is stalled or moving slowly. If possible the Ukrainians, could gather and swarm the convoy…….overtake them with their numbers. That may not be practical……..how would you organize such a scheme at this point. My point is, they appear to be a sitting duck. Something doesn’t seem quite right with such a long convoy bunched together, especially one that stretches 40 miles. That doesn’t seem like good military strategy, having so many troops, equipment and weapons together; with little food and water. Why is no one attacking this convoy? It maybe because the Ukrainians don’t have the weapons to take on the weapons in the convoy. They are after all fighting alone. I’d say about 20-30 NATO bombers could wipe this entire Russian convoy out. But, NATO and the world are only giving the Ukrainians verbal support……….along with some weapons that are to little to late. The Ukraine needs help, actual military troop assistance from somewhere. The Ukrainians are finding out who their friends are……….they appear to have none. Ohhhh Joe Biden said “we stand whit the Ukraine!” Bull shit! Biden knows without military intervention from somewhere (NATO or the U.S. ) that the Ukraine has little chance. He should be cognitive enough to understand at least that. Putin is just Biden his time!

The WORLD is being LIED to ONCE AGAIN – The Truth about UKRAINE Revealed

Biden wants the Ukraine to lose……. The weapon aid is all for show, as it was never going to be enough to help the Ukraine. This is about changing the leadership of the Ukraine….to New World Order favorable leaders. Putin will be good with that……….and the U.S. has deceptively assisted him. History is repeating itself in the sense that nothing is as it seems to be. What you are told is part of the deceptive game.    (Arlin Report comment)

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The Telegraph

One day ago…………..Ukrainians fighting Putin and his Russian troops.

Ukrainians are showing us that Russia and Putin can be beaten! They are not the big tuff giant they pretend to be. Of course this could be in part because the Russia people really don’t want to be doing what the dictator Putin is ordering. They must be asking “Why are we doing this?”

The Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, Russian’s aren’t sure what they are fighting for other than for Putin.

Putin is guilty of war crimes and his crimes are climbing!

The world thought the Ukraine would have been overwhelmed by now and they may yet be, they are fighting on their own. Certainly Putin underestimated them. Trump was wrong about Putin’s military genius. He has lost it!