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Fully-Vaccinated White House PressSec Psaki Tests Positive For COVID | ZeroHedge

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Just two weeks afterdefending President Biden’s mask-wearing-mandate violation, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has tested positive for COVID…and she’s a ‘double-masker’…

Having told people to pay attention to the president’s policies and “not overly focus on moments in time”such as being filmed without a mask inside a Washington, D.C., restaurant, Psaki is now the highest-profile White House official to publicly disclose they contracted the virus, raising questions about how the presumably always-mask-wearing-and-always-socially-distanced-and-fully-vaccinated official could have got the virus given the ‘science’.

Psaki opted not to travel withPresident Bidenand other staff members to Europe on Thursdayafter a member of her household tested positive for the virus, she said in a statement. She last held a press briefing with reporters on Wednesday at the White House.

“While I have not had close contact in person with the President or senior members of the White House staff…

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Does this #surprise anyone???? — The Goomba Gazette

Gwen Berry, flag-snubbing US track and field star, defended by the White House Psaki: Biden believes “pride in our country means recognizing’ that we ‘haven’t lived up to our highest ideals’ One moron said to the other moron; why is it that kids these days are as stupid and disrespectful as they are?? The 2nd […]

Does this #surprise anyone???? — The Goomba Gazette