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arlin report thought(s) of the day: silent majority too silent

I have not been making daily comments of late. Not because I have become thoughtless or have less to say. For the most part, I have been more of an observer of what has been going on in our nation. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, but some don’t want those that have opposing ideas, opinions/beliefs to have that same right. That in itself is hypocritical.

What astonishes me, is how we allow a minority of people to believe that they rule and what they demand is ultimate. The silent majority’s greatest mistake is silence. I believe now is more critical for the silent majority to stand their (our) ground. Why does so few have so much their way? For appeasement? That is part of it, but for the most part simply because we allow it. The minority protests and riot to get their way………take over streets and make demands, while we just stand by and watch. We can no longer expect law enforcement to control it. I’d like to see the silent majority…….DEMONSTRATE, not riot, not loot, without vandalism or arson. We have strength in numbers, which we do not use. Numbers at the voting booth is not enough. Take our streets back. Take our communities back. We the people have more power than any elected body of government and that includes the presidency. We are the first line of defense of property, our rights and even our history. Tearing statues down does not change history.

When is enough …….enough?

Civil Unrest Was Inevitable – Here’s How It Will Be Exploited To Bring In Tyranny — geopolitic

Mass civil unrest is a cumbersome weapon for societal change; like an oversized caveman club made of oak. You can barely swing it, and when you do you might destroy an enemy with it but you could also unwittingly destroy innocent people at the same time. Once the weapon is in motion adjusting its direction or […]

Civil Unrest Was Inevitable – Here’s How It Will Be Exploited To Bring In Tyranny — geopolitic


http://hardnoxandfriends.com/2017/03/15/unmasking-protestors-could-this-be-a-way-to-stop-them/ The intent of the rioters/protesters/seditionists, is nefarious, thus subject to the anti-Ku Klux Klan mask laws. If klansmen were masked, they would be denied bail and remanded to custody. Double standards, risk, Civil War and bloodshed. Think about it.

via HN&F | Unmasking Protestors – Could This Be A Way To Stop Them — Brittius



ISIS is a very serious threat not only to Americans but all the world that is not Islamic, radical Islamic.  Is ISIS the greatest threat we face?  No!   Corruption is our greatest enemy.  Corruption in government exists and has existed……..always; not just democracy, but all forms.  Corruption exists in every department; everywhere it has its crooked hand; we find corruption.   We accept it, so it grows.

We have become a nation of acceptance; acceptance of corruption, we expect it.  We see it in our daily lives.  We see it in our government, from the highest office in the land to the localities. We accept lies, just pass them off as being the norm.   Corruption passes us on the streets, the sidewalks, it just walks on by unconcerned, unpunished.  It doesn’t matter if its recognized or unrecognized; “what difference does it make?”.   Apparently none!

Corruption touches every aspect of our lives, one way or another and it is expensive.  But, now that is okay, we are use to it, we’ve grown accustomed to corruption to a point there is little difference between right and wrong…..political correctness has seen to that.

Its arguable there are signs of non-acceptance; we have protests on the increase, when a cop kills a black man.   It doesn’t matter if it is in self-defense or for a violent action to protect others.   Occasionally there is a  demonstration against abortion, but just that demonstration.   It isn’t enough for change.   I sound a bit contradicting here I know.   But, we keep doing the same thing over and over, which all too often is “nothing”.    Protest too often aimed at the wrong people; blocking the highway?   Why not block the doors of Congress; while the morons are in session?  Now your not just talking about a demonstration; now you have a revolution.   Revolution, I must point out does not have to be violent.   We must be smarter where we direct our energy; meaningful energy.  waving flag


A few days ago, I was going to post a prediction, that Ferguson could not let the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown pass without some protest, vandalism and shootings.   I didn’t because I did not want it to happen, hoped it would not.   However, a day that  included marches and prayer held peacefully has ended in all of what I just mentioned, plus, vandalism, theft, assault and shootings.

Notice I did not say protest.   This is not demonstration, or protest for a cause.   This is a continuation of out right criminal action by idiots, hiding behind the idea of protest…..or standing up for a purpose.

Tonight, nearly 2 hours ago a crowd formed, got within inches of the faces of police officers there to protect the public, harassing, shouting and tossing bottles at them.   Then approximately 11:30 pm Central Time there were two separate shootings.   One incident had shots fired at an officer in his patrol car, the officer returned, repeat, RETURNED fire.    At this time, I do not know if there were any injuries.

The idiots of Ferguson, came out and showed their ugly heads.   It is unfortunate that the good people of Ferguson must put up with this crap once again.   They have no white officer to blame this time.  No white majority city council, it no longer exists, to point the finger at. Their police chief is black.   We see the same response.    A business was once again vandalized.

Ferguson doesn’t deserve the attention, the special treatment any longer.  It is time to toss all those involved in any criminal activity in the slammer.   Enough!





They say they are protesting in Ferguson in support of the protests in Baltimore.   Lets call it what it is “The continuation of unlawfulness by idiots in a high crime area”.    The pretentious protesters in Ferguson are only using the riots of Baltimore as a lame excuse.

Shots were fired, and at least one man was wounded.

These people have no cause except to act in a way that is already character within them.  It has become difficult to find new words to describe what is repeatedly happening in Ferguson.  As Hillary would say “It’s old news.”     It is the norm in Ferguson, and yes it now defines them.   When outsiders hear the name “Ferguson” what do they associate it with?  Violence and rioting, unlawfulness, that is Ferguson.

The only words I have, Ferguson, it’s the same old crap.