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this guy said “i was paid to pretend to protest”


Today, the purpose for assembly, not to protest against something or in favor of a cause.   It is to clash, to destroy …………  They can’t even explain a purpose.  They have none, except to act like fools.   Really, stomping on a statue you just vandalized, pulled down and you know little to nothing of the individual or people it represented?  Do you not understand you are on video and how stupid that looks.   And we are supposed to listen to your ideology.

Liberal failed protest….tried setting himself ablaze!

A man set himself on fire in protest of President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017.

“I tried to set myself on fire as an act of protest … to protest the fact that we’ve elected somebody completely incapable of respecting the constitution of the United States,” he added.  (Apparently he has not been paying attention to the last eight years.)

No serious burns…….Liberal attention seeker.


It is currently 12:13 AM Central time in Ferguson, Missouri.  There was a 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM curfew placed on the city.   Of course there are still protesters out in the middle of the street of Canfield and Florissant ave.    The Highway Patrol (State Police) have ask that they please consider going home, that they do not want to have to arrest anyone.  The group, consisting of about 200 people refusing to go, tempting the police force to arrest them.

The protesters have been out all day……it is fair to ask them to abide by the curfew.   Some people just want confrontation.

It is now 1:15 am, the police fired smoke bombs into the crowd to get them to disperse.  The protesters left the area……only to move to another area…….  They may be moving into neighborhoods as well.

1:36 am, a witness(a protester) says a protester was shot by another protester, apparently in the neck.   Approximately 30 people have been arrested up to now.

1:57 am:  Local KMOV 4 reports some tear gas was deployed as well.

2:45 am:  Captain Johnson of the Missouri State Police is giving a press conference as I type this.  7 protesters were arrested not 30 as earlier reported.   One shooting victim was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.   Apparently someone was shot by another protester and officers saw an individual with a gun but he had ran off.  A police car was shot at and Captain Johnson stated other shots were fired in the air.  So, these thugs have now gone from looting to shooting.



I want a Country that values family honors faith stands for liberty

A Princeton study reports “We the People” have no influence on government policy.  LOL, really, it didn’t take a study from an Ivy League university to determine that.   The study does confirm what we should have already known.

Does that mean your vote means nothing when electing government office holders?  Yes, when “We the People” aren’t running for office or finding our own candidates, your voice isn’t being heard.   Those on the ballots are individuals who are in the pockets of corporate America and the wealthy, they are groomed as such (dah, Obama).  Many of the candidates are lobbyist and from special interests groups.  Oh, they campaign with your interest…..a facade.   The elected official’s bread is buttered by corporate money, the wealthy; the same are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (not your relations), the Bilderberg Group.

We still have a democratic form of government in place.  Having it in place is one thing, actually being practiced is another.  When your voice is not heard and the interest of American citizens is ignored, that isn’t democracy, that is socialism.

Getting our candidates on the ballot is easy, you run, you find common sense people to run; it doesn’t matter what party, common sense prevails.  Winning elections won’t be easy……we still face corporate, wealthy money.  They have the funds for campaign ads, and name recognition gets you elected.   Here is where the rest of us come in.  We need people who will go door to door speaking on behalf of “our” candidates; passing out fliers…..they don’t have to be expensive, just have a common sense message.   This is a form of peaceful revolution.

There are many issues facing our country, that our government does not consider or ignores the will of the people” , Obamacare, gun control etc….., too many to list here, oh, one I must mention, border control.  

Demonstrations, protests, if organized in mass will create more public awareness (hopefully nationally).  Protesting should not be practiced only when we get angered about a black man being killed on the streets.  You have a constitutional right to protest, peacefully, exercise that right.   We don’t march about jobs, poverty, healthcare, foreign policy, for or against.

We the people need, must take control.   Together black, white, Asian, Latino…..we can take our country back from corporate bought off self-serving government.   Together we can make a difference.

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Thank you,

Arlin Luttrell



You have a right to freedom of speech.   I encourage you to exercise that right.   This is your country…….you own it, not the government.

Protest events throughout the country on the rise as We the People grow impatient, frustrated and down right angry with government.

If you have a cause, whether it is a cause in favor of or against, tomorrow July 11, 2014 is National Day of Protest.   This is a day to call your radio talk shows, express yourself.   Send E-mails to your representatives, let them know where you stand, better yet, where they stand with you.  March on Washington, your state capitols and city halls.

Are you unhappy with the direction of this country, angry, frustrated, tired of all the rhetoric?  Tomorrow is the day to let those in high places know it.

Against immigration?  Get to the border, join the others protesting tomorrow.  We are stronger in numbers.

It is time if you have a cause to stand up, be heard, make a difference.   We have a right to freedom of speech.  Use your voice!



Friday July  11, 2014 is National Day of Protest.   If you have a cause your  for or against now is the time to express yourself.

Write your Congressmen, a letter to the editor, march on Washington if you can, go to your state capitol or city hall, the southern borders, just make yourself heard.

We complain plenty, but we do little to express our positions on important issues.   Friday, July 11, 2014 is the National Day of Protest.  Obama didn’t proclaim this day of protest, we did.

What ever your concern, take action, speak out.   Now is the time to let your leaders in Washington hear you………call them, write them, email, whatever, let them know you are not happy with the direction this country is headed.


President Obama, his administration and all of Congress have extremely poor approval ratings, record lows.   That isn’t surprising when you have a legislature that is ineffective and proven to be incompetent; and throw in a President, who believes he is superior to all of us and has no respect for the constitution or the people it was to protect.

The approval/disapproval ratings come from randomly taken polls, from the people.   I believe it is safe to say, most of us are not happy with our elected leaders, decisions and indecision and the state of our nation.   Presidents don’t give State of the Nation speeches with any accuracy, they would have to admit failure.   They usually state all of the obvious and what they would like to see happen and why it hasn’t because they can’t get any cooperation from Congress.   So, the thing to do in Washington is point the finger at one another as the guilty party when nothing positive gets done, when in fact they are all just clueless and incompetent.  There’s that word again.

I know that we are all tired of hearing the rhetoric, frustrated with the policy and non-policy of our government.   The corruption, OMG the corruption, scandal, partisan B.S., and general stupidity you hear from those that were sent to Washington to represent you.   Represent you, us and not for their own personal gain.

Everyday, it is something else, quite often so we will quit talking and inquiring about the previous piece of controversy.    If Washington is good at anything it is creating distractions.

Too often we question what needs to be done and complain but take little action ourselves.  We occasionally write or speak out, expressing our anger over illegal immigrants, too much money spent on foreign aid, why can’t or don’t we tend to our own problems.   I remember the sixties and early seventies where a generation protested in the streets, marched on Washington for whatever their cause.   The Hobby Lobby decision showed a spark of some of that same spirit with people, mostly women protesting against the Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby.

There are very serious issues facing our country.  The Speaker of the House and it’s Minority Leader I might add, have said immigration reform will not get done this year.   Then we have a Prez who wants to make an executive decision, which won’t be out of spite but for power.  Folks, it is time the American people stood up to this crap.

If President Obama can make an executive decision without Congress, I can proclaim a National Day of Protest.

I, an ordinary but highly frustrated  citizen, announce July 11, 2014 as a National Day of Protest.    What ever you are against or for, speak out, assemble, march on Washington, write a letter to the editor, just be heard.   It doesn’t have to be national, it can be your state or local government.   If you are unhappy about the state of this nation, your state or community then say so, show up on their doorsteps.

If we want and expect change we must change our state of complacency.   Why do we simply accept the direction our government has led this nation?   There is more we can do, we have our voice.  We must become more visible and take action.   On July 11th if people across this country participated in a peaceful, and it must be a peaceful protest, we will be noticed and we will be heard.  We have to get up off the couch and just do it.

If July 11th doesn’t work for you or your group, pick a day that will.  This is your day, it is our day and it is about time.

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Much of our problems today, stems from the fact, OUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT FEAR US, WE THE PEOPLE.

Instead of course, we fear the government.  They control us, we re-elect them.  We don’t hold poor incompetent government accountable…….and they know it.

No matter what party you vote, there is time to take this country back.  If you don’t like what is happening, use your voice.   Assemble to protest, march to be seen and heard.  Stand outside the halls of Congress, let them know we are alive……..and we aren’t taking their crap anymore.

I’d like to see your comments….use every resource you have.