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arlin report thought(s) of the day: psa and prostate cancer

Gentlemen, GET THAT PROSTATE CHECKED. Sooner is better than later.

In October I had my prostate removed via robotic surgery. Last week I went to have my 3 month followup with the Urologist. They took some blood and checked my PSA. The reading was .05 ……….. nearly perfect. No indication of cancer!!!! Its that first number (0) that matters. No indication in cancer cells have popped up. Yes, even when you have the prostate removed, the cancer can show up again, especially around the tissue where the prostate once lived. I’ll have a followup every 3 months for the next year or two. Anyone that has had cancer has a greater chance of getting it again than someone that has never had it. So far, so good for me. I am one of the fortunate ones. Now its just do the followups and if the bastard ever returns I’ll confront it quickly.

I only mention this, to keep you guys aware. It’s nothing to mess with. The sooner you check, the sooner you can deal with it……..don’t allow it to advance.

I did have a little blood in my urine last week (probably due to the prostate surgery). This morning the Urologist scoped out my bladder, no issues. Everything looked good. A little, slight discomfort but worth finding out all is well.

If you have not had a PSA test, get it done. I wouldn’t wait until you reach your 50s in age……..if you’re 40 something……GO! Get it off your mind.

Have a great day.

arlin report thought of the day: prostate surgery

On Thursday Oct. 24th I had my prostate removed due to cancer. Appears the cancer was confined to the prostate and so far all is looking good. Of course I need to find out the results of the biopsy samples they took around the prostate. Doc said first indication looks good though. The surgery was performed robotic and I have 5 small incisions rather than one large one. However, my stomach is extremely sore. Yesterday, Friday was the worse day as far as soreness goes. Feels a bit better this morning.

The most challenging part of this is wearing the catheter. Went home with it and will have to wear it for at least a week. It is mostly annoying. Compared to my Aortic heart valve replacement (open heart) back in April, this prostate surgery was a piece of cake. Walking is more difficult because of the soreness however. I’ll make it.

The surgery was performed at St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri by Dr. Travis Dum. I have nothing but good things to say about the doctor and the hospital. Excellent and caring people.

Guys make sure you get PSA test done. Don’t put it off.

arlin report thought of the day: prostate cancer update

First thought: What a gorgeous morning, even though thunderstorms predicted for later today. No big deal, they pass through quickly in Missouri, especially this time of year.

I found out yesterday that the prostate cancerous rodent within me has not spread to my bones. My bone scan came back clean. I do still need to have a CT scan tomorrow (was supposed to have had it after my bone scan but had miscommunication on scheduling). Doctor said “No harm, we aren’t losing time, usually the CT scan is clean when the bone scan is clean, just needs to be done for documentation “a marker” if you will.”

Our battle of attack against this nasty ass rodent (I even gave it a name…… prick) is to do Robotic Surgery. A surgeon from my Urologist’s office will do the procedure. I meet with him on August 29th, to discuss and schedule this little inconvenience. What a relief it was though that it was not in my bones! I was able to get a good nights sleep last night! I know that I am fortunate, much more than many, many others. We seem to have caught this at the right time. My Gleason count (which comes from my biopsy) was at 7. If we were at 6, maybe we do nothing, just keep an eye on it. But 7 is on the edge, where it is best to do something. Aggressive surveillance was an option but not recommended, since my Gleason Count was 7, an advanced enough stage to do surgery. Radiation is an option as well, except if you do radiation first and it doesn’t get it all, surgery really can’t be done, scar tissue from radiation makes surgery very difficult. My Urologist left it up to us (me and my “very” significant other). Robotic Surgery made more sense. Let’s just take “the prick” out now! Probably won’t have the surgery until middle to late September, early October at the latest. Oddly, my prostate must heal (reduce swelling) from the biopsy even though its being removed. With swelling they can’t get as good a view as they need/want. That takes about 4-6 weeks. So, we are looking at middle September to early October.

I had a conversation with the nasty rodent this morning, it went something like this: “You nasty little prick, you couldn’t even get outside my prostate, now you’re about to be destroyed! Sorry prostate, but you should not have let the prick in! We’ll say good-bye very soon!”

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, it means a lot and is helping. I feel much more confident we will beat this animal!