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We can not recall a U.S. President, Vice President or members of Congress. Can only be removed via impeachment.

And……only members of Congress have a vote on that!! The only vote we the people have in removing a President and members of Congress, is to not vote for them in their re-election attempt. So, we suffer until then. Oh, I guess we could push our members of the House to start an impeachment. But, not likely to happen………..they don’t listen to us. They only use impeachment when it may benefit them. The new norm for assuring you don’t get yourself impeached, is put a bigger dumbass as your VICE; you know a Kamala Harris type. Biden was Obama’s dumbass!



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Hillary is not competent enough to be President of the United States.    Hillary wasn’t competent enough to be Secretary of State.  The email scandal or mess, along with how Benghazi, Libya was dealt with, in her case was not dealt with, is proof enough.

Hillary has left a messy trail everywhere she has stepped, starting with the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas.  She was fired there during the Watergate investigations, for lies and ethics violations.    Nothing has changed, it is the same stuff, the same Hillary, with a dirty husband standing 20 paces behind her.  There are years of crimes and unethical practice by both Hillary and Bill during their long residency in Arkansas; too many to list here, it is well documented.   Watch Hillary: The Movie or the Clinton Conspiracy, you’ll learn more than you can imagine.   These two should never been allowed out of Arkansas.    There are cells with their names on them.

Bill always surrounded himself with crooked cops, politicians, lawyers and anyone else he deemed useful.   They were circled with people who would lie, people who would lie that were in high positions.   The Clinton’s’ made themselves untouchable.   They took everything they could from Arkansas and then carried their team to the White House.  Raping Arkansas wasn’t enough, the American Rape was on by the Clinton’s’ and continues today.

Hillary is not fit to be President or to hold any office, not by most Americans.   Those that want to see us continue down that same path Obama is leading us will find Hillary quite suitable for their goal; the New World Order.   The plan that is in place by the Powers that Be and the UN.   Oh its in place, Obama has it moving forward.  Look at all he has done and failed to do.

Next up, Hillary Clinton, she is in THEIR cards.   Only We the People can stop it.


“Hillary should give up the campaign for President and become a professional fund-raiser for a greater cause than her own foundation, like a children’s hospital, a cancer organization or education.   Nobody raises money like Hillary……..oh wait she won’t be able trade-off weapons to terrorist’s states.”



Hillary ask “Don’t you want a woman president?”.    We need a president, no matter what gender.  After 6 years and the next 2 it would be refreshing to have a real leader residing in the White House.

We should never make the mistake (again) of electing someone by race or gender alone.   Being a male does not qualify you for president or any office.  Being female does not, nor does being white, black, yellow or red qualify you for office.

It is foolish to choose someone for any office for any reason other than capability, responsiblity, experience, knowledge of and they simply can do the best job, hold a high standard of ethics and hold the interest of those that elected them.

If a female surfaces that, and there are some available, that I believe gives this nation the strongest leadership and moves us in a direction that is best for America (someone who listens to the People), I would not hesitate to throw my full support towards her.   Hillary, it just can’t and will not be you.   You have demonstrated long enough that Hillary only cares about Hillary.


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I miss him…..we miss him.!

Reagan then vs. Obama now………could there be two more polar opposites?

Reagan, what he did for us and Obama what he has done to us.

Reagan for love of county and Obama for spite of country.

Reagan fought to improve our lives and Obama schemes to destroy us.

Reagan supported our military, while Obama shrinks and jokes about our troops.

Reagan born in the United States, Obama born in Kenya.

We could go on like this forever.

How low can we go?