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Wordless prayers

If you are struggling with your prayers and don’t know what to say or ask; just focus on God and thank him.   He knows what you are trying to say.   Be sincere!


Their daughter was awfully quiet in the backseat, so they looked back and saw this — RareRare

When silence swarmed through the car, a parent saw their quiet young daughter in the backseat praying. “It was a thinking prayer. I do that a lot. I was talking to God about how I love all the people in the whole world,” she said. RELATED: A 4-year-old angel describes the joys of Heaven, only days…

via Their daughter was awfully quiet in the backseat, so they looked back and saw this — RareRare


Its half past midnight, August 3rd present day.  Unbelievably, pleasantly mild outside for summer in Missouri.  There is evidence of an active skunk nearby, hopefully it has not sprayed my Siberian Husky.  I call her Sky, Blackhawk’s Gray Sky is her registered name.

I have many thoughts bouncing around in my head, none related to the other, not directly anyway.   I don’t recall my parents ever giving much thought and concern about the kind of world their children and grandchildren would live.

I have two adult sons and a daughter.  After next month, all will be married. I have  three wonderful grandsons, the youngest born seven months ago, an eight and ten-year old.

With all that is bad and wrong with the world, what will their lives be like?   I know when my parents were growing up and while raising me, the world wasn’t perfect then either.   My father fought in Korea.   It was a violent world long before the present day; just seems like more of it spreading around.   Then again, there were 2 wars that were world-wide.  I guess it’s not much different now than the past after all.

I watched the movie NOAH this evening.   You know the story, a corrupt world being destroyed by our Creator.  God as He is known to me.  Noah’s family was spared to give mankind a fresh, 2nd chance Thanks Noah but we haven’t done so well.  Maybe my children and grandchildren (hoping for a granddaughter some day) along with yours will figure it out.  I’ll pray they do.