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This is what it looks like here in Missouri, even looks ugly.

How many of you grew up allergic to Poison Ivy or Poison Oak and Sumac?   If you are like me you didn’t need to walk in it to get infected.  If the wind blew through the poisonous plant in my direction, I got it.   The saying “Leaves of three, let it be” didn’t work for me.   I played golf, frequently during the summer during my teen and twenties…that is where I usually came in contact with the miserable menace.  I didn’t need to leave the fairway to end up with an itch later in the night or next couple of days. I developed the habit of showering as soon as I got home, it helped, a little.  Wash the clothes immediately……..don’t burn them the smoke only spreads the rash.   Just kidding about burning my clothes.   However, a point…….if someone is burning brush, stay away from the smoke, if the ivy is in the brush the poison is in the smoke.   In Missouri, poison ivy is so bad, many courses spray to destroy the plant.   That doesn’t always work either.

Here is my purpose for this post:   My father worked for a utility company (Union Electric/became Ameren UE).   When I was about 19 years of age, he brought home a small vial of poison ivy extract.  He was tired of watching me suffer every Spring and Summer.  I am not certain what all was mixed with it; but,  you mixed it with an 8 ounce glass of water, then drank it.   The first dose I took I’ll have to admit was a little nervy.   I was drinking what I was allergic to.   The next day, repeat the mixture.   That was it!   I didn’t get so much of an itch.   This immunity lasted nearly 20 years.  Then one day I broke out into a rash with the ugly bumps (blisters).   I recognized the cause immediately.   However, it was very slight……..put a little Calamine lotion on it, and was dried up in a couple of days.   Yesterdays post I mentioned, I have the blisters again…….yep, golf course.   Not as bad as when I was a young boy, but worse than the slight breakout.   Annoying!

The vial of extract worked, problem was the FDA (government) never approved of this preventive (not treatment, prevention) medical wonder.   I know some people may have a different reaction taking it than others, but that is true in all drugs.   We don’t look for cures or preventive answers, oh the scientists and researchers do, but then a government agency screws it up.   God forbid we ask the drug companies to distribute or make available cures and prevention, when keeping people sick or ailing temporarily is more profitable.   The immunity to poison ivy that worked on me was no longer available after that Summer, thank God I never needed it……..until now.

There are pills and liquid forms of extract available, but they don’t work like the one I mentioned above.

You can do this (next paragraph), if you want to go the 30 days twice a day. Helps the pharmaceutical companies, after all that’s what NOT finding cures or prevention is all about.

The best use for this particular homepathic remedy is in March or April start taking the Rhus Tox 30X twice a day for 30 days to build up an immunity to the Poison Ivy/Poison Oak/Poison Sumac. Then, if you get a case of it take the Rhus Tox 30X 3-times a day until it clears.

Its Spring, its warming up……..good luck!



Have it…….. worse case in years.   That was my first thought waking up this morning, worse case since my late teens/early twenties.   Had a prevention vial of extract back then………. Having the itch now is so unnecessary, but thanks to the FDA, mostly only treatment drugs on the shelf now.   There is a preventative drug on the market, but it only reduces chance of getting infected.  Then take it to help rid the rash over a few weeks of course.

There is/was a very effective extract that WORKED.   Look for my next post for a full article on that; later today or tomorrow.   I’m a poison ivy expert.