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We do and will suffer from our own stupidity.   That is true on a personal level as well as a nation as a whole.   The Intel community isn’t always intelligent as we are witnessing.    Our self-centered elected officials are chosen to lead, but we struggle to find leaders.

We rant and rave without knowing truth.  We sit on our heels when we think we do, but don’t or we are too naive with……..”oh they don’t do that” or “that’s just crazy”, “that’s outrageous” or “you’ve been watching too many Jason Bourne movies”.    The problem is and I understand this, “who can you believe anymore”?    Everyone in Washington lies about something.   Somethings, we shouldn’t know……but gets leaked.  Leaking has become the rage, a fad.  LIES are often leaked, purposely………truth is leaked, but can you tell or know the difference.   Not when you have people on the inside that are against you, left overs.    Left overs are good for a while, but must be tossed out eventually.  Don’t take too long to do it, it will contaminate all that is good and you are left with a bad smell.   That smell is hard to get rid of.

Trump should clean House.

What we leave our children is in our hands, our responsibility……we need to act responsibly and hold each other accountable.   That especially includes those called upon to lead.   We each can be like a string, strung together to form a strong rope for the future of our children ………and pets, their part of the family.