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No wasteful spending and just plane waste did not begin with U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan but it certainly continued. Apparently equipment was destroyed at the Kabul airport with withdrawal (SOME equipment). Much was left abandoned in fields throughout Afghanistan that had become old and parts unattainable, maintenance ignored. Billions of equipment was left for the Taliban to control……….operable equipment. Government just wants to admit that which was not operable. Waste did not begin during the withdrawal. A large complex was built and never used, costing billions. Another training facility basically melted away, poorly constructed……….but hell we only spent $500,000 on that one. Take a peak at the list of wasteful spending in the link below.


Here is a thought: Biden (well maybe not an incoherent Joe Biden) and the Pentagon had to know prior to the Afghan withdrawal that Putin was eyeing the Ukraine. All that military equipment left in Afghanistan could have been moved to the Ukraine, IF the U.S. and the Biden puppet masters were serious about helping the Ukrainians defend themselves. Some of that aid we are providing now could have been used to transport equipment from Afghanistan to the Ukraine and they’d be better equipped than they are now, possibly even prepared for a Putin invasion. BUT no………..we leave all our equipment in Afghanistan. We’ll just give the Ukraine some additional American tax dollars. The Pentagon and Biden administration are acting out a response, just a weak response. They know, they knew that the Ukraine was going to fall to Putin months ago. They don’t care. That is part of the act.

NATO and the U.S. are merely standing by like spectators. The real underlying plan is a movement towards globalism. Biden and his Left (Democratic Socialist Party) are globalists. Wasting millions of tax dollars watching it all play out.


We are hearing less and less it seems on a daily basis about such issues as the border problem with illegal immigrants. The media, even Fox News, seems to be losing interest. That is what the Left wants, hopes for, that we just accept it and live with it. Creepy Joe wants us to forget about his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the problems people face there because of his stupidity. And inflation?! Prices are rising daily and there is no stop order. Back in the day Nixon put a hold on raising prices……….especially oil and gas.

But, Biden informed us yesterday, because we haven’t been seeing it, that he has done more in one year than any president in history. THAT IS HOW DELUSIONAL THIS MORON IS. Give him his crayons and coloring book and send him to his basement room. Lock the door so he doesn’t wander off and screw something else up.

Biden predicted that Russia will invade the Ukraine. Will! He made this wimpy comment that “Putin would regret it”, Do you really think, Putin is afraid of Biden and his petty threats? Putin knows Biden is ALL TALK. Oh, he could get us in a war, another “conflict” that serves no purpose or interest with his reckless dysfunctional brain. There are a few warmongers in the Pentagon who think the U.S. main purpose on this planet is to be at war……..with somebody. Biden is a mental case standing over that button! Incompetence reeks in the White House.

I’d like to be a little mouse in on some of Biden’s meetings with foreign leaders! If they are anything like his pressers, our enemies are licking their chops and salivating all over the place. They must be thinking they are up against a grade school child. Fourth graders would carry on a more competent conversation. Joe Biden is NOT SMARTER THAN A FOURTH GRADER……..or third, 2nd and first.

Joe Biden is a loose cannon, and he is dangerous. And the Dems tried to present Trump as dangerous, the one who would get us in a nuclear war. THAT PERSON TURNS OUT TO BE NONE OTHER THAN JOE BIDEN. He (Biden) thinks that nuclear box is like playing a game of Candy Land. He is all excited to be there. His mental capacity is frightening!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: hillary clinton latest rumor …………arrested? forget it!

Yes I had heard from a couple of sources that they did something with Hillary Clinton! “DID SOMETHING?” There was of course no confirmation with real evidence that ANYTHING was done to Hillary Clinton! The insinuations were that she was finally arrested as more info was recovered from her scrubbed e-mails. That may be the case; however, I did not join in on this rumor parade. Hillary Clinton is untouchable. I won’t believe she is until SOMETHING does happen, we the people are witness to it, and there is no shred of doubt.

The problem is, and quite honestly this reason is as old as the hills; corrupt people are in positions to protect corrupt politicians and criminals. Another words the Deep State will never touch the Clinton Cartel. The Deep State, which seems to be about 90% of D.C. are part of the Clinton Crime Cartel. Corruption is the norm in Washington, in fact throughout the country politically. They are also the same people that are telling us what is acceptable, what the new normal is, in all aspects of our lives. WELCOME TO SOCIALISM.

Joe Biden is the laughingstock of the world. The sad part is, so are we, we elected this mess. And if we didn’t and we were in fact cheated (as I believe there was massive voter fraud), our voices were altered, our rights were robbed under our noses; we deserve to be laughed at because we let them SCAM US! We have allowed treasonous individuals get away with it; so far!

No voter fraud just won’t go away!

Joe Biden can’t remember his Defense Secretary’s name or the name of that “outfit over there”, the Pentagon. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had made those statements? Joe Biden is burnt toast, you know, I know it and the rest of the world knows it. Democrats knew it all along……..back even before the primaries. Biden is the dummy being used to take all the heat for all the reckless, intentional mass destruction of America these morons wanted.


This long before Trump, during an administration, that did not, does not hold anyone accountable.  Something only the guilty do.   If there were funds missing of any magnitude during the Trump administration, there would be more cries of impeachment from the left.  When they are in, SILENCE!




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U.S. Marines Say They’re at ‘Breaking Point’ After Obama Administration Budget Cuts — Here’s How the White House Responds……………………..

via U.S. Marines Say They’re at ‘Breaking Point’ After Obama Administration Budget Cuts — Here’s How the White House Responds | US Defense Watch — BLOGGING BAD: Gunny


Obama is making Trump look smarter everyday!   On where is the Pentagon on all of this? Obama fired the military officials that would oppose him, or challenge his policy and execution.   That is what dictators do!  If ever there was reason for a coup against an American president; Obama was the perfect fit.   He got rid of brass that had balls!