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As Nancy Pelosi did with ObamaCare, “We have to pass it to find out whats in it.”, Hillary supports something only Obama and Wheeler/FCC at this point, have knowledge of.  Yet she boldly states that she supports Obama, like she/they know whats best for all their empires subjects.   

The public has no idea what this little FCC/Obama surprise package will include.    We know this; everything the government runs or regulates, it screws up.   Its more big government, its more power for the FCC and the president.   

See the story by Breitbart News. 





Take your comedy act on the road.  Finish your term, keeping that wide opening in the lower part of your head (where the lips are) shut.

Nancy, you are an embarrassment to your home state and this nation.  When you speak, your ridiculous self-defensive comments are heard around the nation and parts of the world.  Do you understand people are laughing at you and because you are in a position of leadership, laughing at us?  You are not alone though, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Joe Biden, King Obama and a cast of others share your company.

Most of the world is laughing at us America.   Look at what has been misrepresenting our nation……we are not taken seriously.    Those not laughing aren’t and haven’t been paying attention.  We have lost most of our credibility with the world.  Putin makes Obama look like  a beaten Joker.

At the polls we need to thank our present office holders for trying, pat them on the back and say “see ya”.

Clean house and that means the White House as well.   Obama, finish your term (he won’t impeached) quietly please.   Keep Hillary away from the residence at Pennsylvania Ave. as well.   Hillary is nothing more than “Obama in a skirt”.   No offense to the rest of the ladies in our nation.

Together, we can clean up this mess.