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Painter’s Block…….NEED HELP

Need a little advice here, please!

Writer’s block/bloggers’s block, everyone gets from time to time.   It doesn’t last long for me, usually.   However, I am also an artist; landscape/animal portrait/still life painter in oil medium.   My problem is I don’t get out of the painter’s block (ideas for a subject) easily at all.   I haven’t in the past just thrown paint on a canvas, just for the sake of painting something, or for practice for that matter.  Maybe I should.     I need to have a clear vision of what I want to begin, even though I may improvise as I go.

I can actually go months without placing a stroke of color on canvas.  Any suggestions from you seasoned artists would be greatly appreciated.   The only answer I have is to just start painting, however, the results don’t usually come out well.  HELP!!!!

Thank you!