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Opossum left blind, with broken jaw after beating by golfers — WPMT FOX43

**Editor’s Note: The photos in this story are graphic** HILTON HEAD, N.C. (WJW) — An opossum is recovering after golfers beat her with their clubs. According to the Wildlife Rehab of Greenville, Scarlett was beaten on Friday by golfers on Hilton Head Island, leaving her blind and with a broken jaw. Scarlett weighs only two…

Opossum left blind, with broken jaw after beating by golfers — WPMT FOX43

I don’t know the full story here but: Possums are mean, when they are confronted, like most animals can become when threatened. On a golf course? I’d have to ask was it attacking you? If so, it may have been rabid. I don’t read from the rehab center it was! You could have just ignored it. Not like there was a gator on the course, would you have done the same? Was it next to one of your golf balls you were about to hit? You could simple walk over with the head of your club, and scooted the ball away, possibly poke the possum to move on.

Possums (Opossums) are not my favorite wild animal either. I only shy them away. I had a Siberian Husky for 17-1/2 years. They confronted her often, she’d kill them, normal animal survival. She did not leave her yard to track them down, only killed them when they entered her yard unwelcomed and confronted her.

Back to the golfers: Were you physically threatened? I doubt it! These possums do have somewhat of a low human benefit. They eat insects, other small animals, moles etc., They do get into your trash however. I again doubt that is what was happening here. Did it make you feel like a big hunter to beat this, to suffer. Not even my Siberian did that. She never left them hurt to suffer. She killed them. She had more sympathy than you! (The Arlin Report comment)