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arlin report thought(s) of the day: on bernie ……. again

Bernie Sanders said, to paraphrase: “I would not close our borders to combat the coronavirus….. and I am more concerned about climate change.” For Bernie it is much more important to allow illegals in that could possibly (crossing his fingers) illegally vote, no matter what disease they may be carrying.

This is kind of an oxymoron attitude of the Independent, running as a Democrat (a Socialist Democrat): Bernie is an advocate for CLIMATE CHANGE, but yet is okay with open borders for disease carrying foreigners to just sneaky march right on in. AND, this is the same guy, Bernie Sanders who has criticized Trump for his handling of the virus.

Bernie will always have an opposing view, no matter what the issue. It is his nature, as a socialist, as an opponent for some cause, even when he doesn’t understand the cause. Bernie thinks it’s cool to be on the other side. Oh and get this, Bernie said from the Fox Town Hall meeting: “Russia is not a socialist country”! Okay Bernie, maybe you should be Joe’s running mate! You can be blind and lost together!



To control the population, which is all we are to government, gun control (a sneak attack of confiscation), control of food and water, control of energy and fuel, control healthcare, your bank account, open borders….weakens we the people to a point of being defenseless.  They are using major corporations as weapons against us.  What government fears the most is We the People.   We can put a stop to this BS.  Go ahead call me a conspiracy freak!

Your grandchildren are going to either blame you or love you for it.