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ARLIN…………ART IN OIL: Yellow Roses and Cowboys

If I had a masterpiece, this would be it, up till now anyway. I did this 16 X 20 oil on canvas nearly 20 years ago. I have not perfected photographing (this done from my phone) and transferring to my blog. Just getting started doing that. Obviously I have a lot to learn. The colors are a bit more vibrant on the actual canvas. The photo has a bit of a light glare in the upper half especially upper right. The glare covers a bit of an image of trees in the far background. I only painted an impression of trees in the distance (just a slight image), I wanted the hat and roses to be the main focus. You can see an image of some hills in the background as well.

Yellow Roses and Cowboys

ARLIN …..ART IN OIL: Late Evening on the Lake

This is the first of my oil paintings I have ever posted on my blog or the internet for that matter (that I can recall). I did this for a friend. She wanted me to do a painting for her specifically for her house. She left the scene up to me. This is an 18 X 24 in oil. Late Evening on the Lake. I did use a photo as a reference but did not paint it exactly, made some landscaping changes from my imagination.

The photo of the painting does make the colors look a bit lighter/dull. The actual painting has a much more brighter orange. The clouds are also darker, with more of a storm cloud look on the actual canvas. The photo comes from my cell phone, so I need to find away to make the colors stand out better on my phone. I’ll need to do some research to find out how. Also, there is more to this photo than I would prefer to show, the right edge, shows the background off the canvas. Need to learn to photograph my paintings better. I am no expert, nor am I particularly efficient with my cell phone. As I said, this is my first attempt to show my paintings here.

My friend was very excited about the end results of the painting, however, she hasn’t picked it up yet! She too has only seen the photo, she’ll be more surprised when she sees just how vibrant the colors are. It is a very colorful painting. One which I am very happy with. That doesn’t always happen when I paint. I have had more duds than masterpieces.