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First stop Hawaii

Asia, Trump’s destination 11 day trip, how long ago was it planned?  Lots of concern in Asia with North Korean threats.   It isn’t surprising Trump would eventually make this trip, except maybe for the timing.  He leaves the day before the well documented/advertised ANTIFA Nov. 4 day of protest, unrest, rioting, declaration of war against Trump/Pence.   How better to protect the POTUS than to get him out-of-town, out of country.  With advanced communications Trump can still exercise his presidential responsibilities and duties.

I get it that with the East Asia Summit this next week, it is a good time for an extended trip to the region.   Question arises, is there a storm about to hit, following the calm?   A lot going on right now in nation and abroad.  Trump, may be just carrying on normal business, following his schedule without any disruptions or changes due to threats.  Carry on!

I may sound a bit contradictory here.   The next few weeks should be very interesting, the future has many roads with forks along the way.

A side note here:   I see Iran is up to its typical ANTI-AMERICAN behavior,  more U.S. flags and effigy burning.    Nothing out of the ordinary there.   Thankfully Obama isn’t in position to forward a plane load of cash in HIS ANTI-AMERICAN appreciation.

Radical groups like Antifa, making threats across the U.S……..how long will the Average Joe American put up with this on our own ground?  Not long I predict.



If Hillary had been elected president; she’d probably have sold some uranium (that does not belong to HER) to the North Korean nut ball; to assist Bill’s nuclear assistance program with NK.   To move it along and for Clinton personal profit.


Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: By REUTERS SEPT. 12, 2017, 9:18 A.M. E.D.T. WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump will visit China in November, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday, citing an unidentified person familiar with his plans. The White House declined to comment on the report to Reuters. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Writing by Doina…

via Trump to Visit China in November: Bloomberg News — Brittius

KIM JONG UN…….SLEEPING LIGHTLY: arlin report thought of the day

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Looking for Guam


Knock a few of his test missiles down……right over the little man’s homeland, will wipe the smile off his fat round face.  Kim Jong Un can not be difficult to find, he enjoys being in the world news.   Keep it up…….you do intelligence a favor.   There should be a bullet with his name on it.


When your policy is to bribe someone to keep from having an encounter or conflict (war), you place yourself in a situation of being held hostage.   When it is a dictator (N. Korea), you will never be let go and the cost rises, it will never end, until policy changes.  The little sick guy in NK understands what the U.S. has done in the past with dictators…….. his paranoia against the U.S. is real, which makes him dangerous and unpredictable.   He does not want to be the next Gaddafi; who’s death was inspired by none other than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama.   Now Trump must deal with a paranoid, I want more power freak, our government helped create.    The freak is a time bomb with a nuke.   We, the American people should have been paying closer attention to the foreign policies long before Trump.