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arlin report thought(s) of the day: i said this years ago……..we are inching closer

These UN hats are not just an international police force, they are an international military. I said years ago, the threat of potential international troops present in our streets was real.

The left (Democratic Socialists) and the Deep State, favoring defunding the police, are advocates of a New World (one world) Order. Our borders will not out line a nation as we currently are but transform us into a region under the New World Order.

It will start in the cities where the riots are, and liberals govern. When it spreads to suburbs and rural areas the game will change. They’ll have to bring tanks with them, which there are stock piles of UN marked tanks already here (have been in storage for years). The American resistance will begin……….We will have had enough! The silent majority will be heard and seen once and for all.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: george floyd surrendered!!!

Is the chaos we are now seeing in Minneapolis part of the NEW WORLD ORDER? Chaos with no justice.


I don’t condone what George Floyd may have done to get himself arrested. But he wasn’t arrested was he??!!!!! I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. Above is a new video I just viewed. It is now the 2nd video I have seen. My question is what aren’t we seeing? There are gaps from the time he got out of his car, the time he was cuffed on the sidewalk and lifted up and moved to the police car. There are gaps! What is happening in those gaps? However, when he was cuffed, and the 3 police officers were holding him down, one with his knee pressing his neck against the street pavement; Floyd was pleading with them he could not breathe. He (Floyd) had surrendered. Why didn’t the three pull him up and put him in the police car? Why?

I am also hearing statements, rumors Floyd died of a heart attack at the hospital. People are now trying to say the pressure placed on Floyd’s neck by the cop did not kill Floyd; he died of a heart attack. BULL! If Floyd had any heart trouble, then this pressure, this act that brought on panic……..may have absolutely triggered the heart attack. Who brought on the panic? His fear of being choked to death! The man had surrendered!! There were 4 cops there……….3 kneeling on him and a 4th standing by watching. You can not tell me 4 cops aren’t capable of pulling him to his feet and putting him in the car. If they aren’t they shouldn’t have been cops!

Now, all that being said, if, George Floyd were a law abiding citizen he would not have been in is this situation. NO THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE THE COPS! People break the law. Some crimes are not violent. From what I understand Floyd was not suspected of a violent crime. The cops appear to be the ones being violent. But, we haven’t seen the entire episode. There are those gaps. Whatever happened in those gaps, if it ever comes in focus could only make things worse for the cops. Will we ever know?

meet the v-team: globalist, vaccine (drug pushers) and digital id all in one big package: arlin report thought(s) of the day



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Oh and that’s not all: I like digital ID2020 scheme. Just another step to New (ONE global government) World Order.

Bill and Melinda Gates (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)………and their buddy George Soros (no introduction needed); The V-Team. (We’re in this together, meaning the V-Team is in this together).

World Order (Soros and Gates world) taking shape one vaccine at a time.

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George Soros – The Face of the ‘New World Order’ – Targets Trump2020 Campaign — Christian Research Network — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Is this a possibility? NEW WORLD ORDER

I think this is certainly something to be mindful of. A New World Order organization(s) have existed for a long…..long time. Names that creep in like George Soros, Bill Gates…….. Obama, Clintons and others world wide have been involved in the establishment of globalism (New World Order dream of theirs). That is a fact. What is going on right now, people in lockdown, (controlled), initiated from a virus. We’ve had virus’ in the past, without lockdown, without crashing economies……… Are we under a test, one to see how well we cooperate? The governments of the world, are they winning? I do believe there is more to this than controlling a virus!




I am by no means comparing the character or political savvy of Donald Trump to JFK.  JFK warned us; warned them, the secret societies; who we didn’t believe existed, of the plot against America.

Donald Trump campaigned on exposing the Elite Establishment, who vigorously fought him every inch of the way.  All I am saying is:   Look what they did to Kennedy.  No, Lee did not kill Kennedy alone.  He was not what we now refer to as a “Lone Wolf”.

The Secret Service has their work cut out for them.  Trump not only had/has an Establishment fighting against him but world leaders that fear him; fear he may actually consider what is best for Americans for once rather than kissing their behinds.  Globalists are not happy with the results of the U.S. election.  Trump could set them back…..years.  How dare an American President place his own people before the rest of the world population.   Wasn’t there enough money from somewhere to buy Trump off?   Nope….they gave it to Hillary.

Trump vs the secret societies, those Kennedy warned us about.   Trump represents Americans. The secret societies?  ……Their own agenda (world dominance).   I pray for the Donald………



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I hope I got some of your attention.  I know by now most of you have heard Hillary R. Clinton favors, will have OPEN BORDERS.  Yes OPEN U.S. Borders.   You should ask yourself; don’t ask her, is that her PRIVATE or PUBLIC policy?   It is nearly an oxymoron!   Open borders gives anyone and everyone a free pass in and out.  Hillary has recently admitted you can’t vet those people.

What Hillary Clinton really means by and the purpose of open borders?  NO BORDERS, its  one and the same.  It is America losing it’s sovereignty and that is a major step to the ONE WORLD/NEW WORLD ORDER.   Hillary will do and say anything to achieve that as her greatest accomplishment………to her!