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Hey New Hampshire:

Bernie Sanders is a SOCIALIST. Just ask him. Socialists make it all sound easy and pretty. The truth, once in power they turn EVERYTHING UGLY.

You can recognize a socialist millionaire candidate by the words they choose. Never mention their situation or condition. They’ll criticize billionaires, not millionaires. They want what everyone else has, keep it for their own wealth but never, never is it about what they must give up.

You now when the mainstream media admits socialism doesn’t work……..it really doesn’t work. Even mainstream fear Bernie. That is why they conspired with Hillary. However, Hillary…….and Bernie sleep in the same dark room.


Joe Biden wanted his supporters to know, as he was about to spit out another gaffe that: “I want to be clear, I am not going nuts!”

Well Joe, no you’re not “going nuts”, YOU ARE NUTS! Why would you have to say that? Think about it, you have your own doubts!

Joe has been having an especially difficult time knowing where he is and where he has been lately. Okay, lets be fair here. Aside from Joe Biden having some nutty tendencies (he isn’t totally nuts), and who doesn’t, he is showing serious signs of aging symptoms. Senility!

He thinks he is in Vermont, when he is in New Hampshire. I get it he probably speaks quicker than his mind can think. Another aging sign! Seriously though, do you want our President to say “I love being here in France”, if he is in Germany? I know some critic of mine will come back at me and say “Trump did it!” The point is, it is more than just a habit with Biden, he does this all the time. He isn’t going to get better at public speaking, only worse! It won’t make any difference that someone else is writing his speeches. He goes off script! And all those conferences and questions he’ll be taking. Gaffe, gaffe, gaffe…………the media would love it!



Its time to party, we finished in 4th place, we’re moving on to South Carolina!!

I understand that it isn’t likely any candidate in any election is going to sweep every state in primaries.   Geographically speaking you aren’t going to win some areas.  I wouldn’t say that getting doubled up, tripled or greater is much of a victory.   Tip your hat and go to the next state.   Its kind of like losing teams, like the L.A. Rams finding  something to get excited about after you just got your ass kicked by an expansion team.  What?   Donald Trump, an expansion team rookie to politics just kicked the established Washington career politicians to the curb, or more accurately the voters of New Hampshire did.   If anyone should be excited to go to S.C. it would be Trump.

All that being said, if you are Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Kasich……..the others not worthy of mentioning, you have many back to back loses, you are out of contention, you don’t make the playoffs.

It is easy to see why Washington and government in this country is sooooooooo screwed up.   These people can not add and subtract.   Trump more than doubled Kasich, but Kasich, the I have balanced budgets candidate, did everything but crown himself last night.   Ohio, do an audit, the man can not count.

Jeb, sorry but being back that far, and being quadrupled in votes can not possibly be encouraging to the man that was supposed to be the Republican answer to Hillary.

Seriously, some of this campaign money could be used to better mankind, rather than give professional politicians ridiculous false hope.  Go home Carly and Ben and Jeb.