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NBC Adds Corporate Slut To News Team — The way I see things …

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NBC Adds Corporate Slut To News Team — The way I see things …

Did NBC (MSNBC) hire this fruit cake just to piss off Trump? Eventually the slut will put her foot in her mouth. A legal analyst who should have known her activity with her lover in the FBI was wrong. They want her for her tainted views.

it takes a backup band

Many of you have probably heard some of the musical “artists” going solo on some of the news networks like NBC and Fox during this virus. These programs have been bringing singers on to perform a song, almost on a daily basis somewhere. These performers are at home going solo……..without the background music of their bands.

I just heard a country music star sing a song while playing his guitar. Wow………and this isn’t my first “wow”. What I am learning (now this is my personal opinion); just how common and in some cases bad their voices (singing) are. It is amazing how good their background bands make them sound. Without those bands these people don’t sound any better than me! It is the bands they should be marketing; while the “artists” are making the big bucks.

I’m just saying! Wow!


I just listened/watched NBC morning news.   They bring up the allegations against Donald Trump.  State he denies the allegations, that he is attacking the media; but they completely ignore the people coming out contradicting and disproving these allegations.  Many of the accusers are closely tied with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign.

Journalist controlling what you hear!


Brian Williams shortly before breaking to Obama’s two cents of camera time, stated “the Grand Jury “failed”  to indict Darren Wilson.  They FAILED?   Brian, were you also looking for an indictment, and you didn’t get it, so the Jury failed?

It is not the Grand Jury’s job to come up with a decision that is  “successful” if it only comes up with an indictment or a decision that a specific group wants.  It was Brian William’s job/responsibility to report what the decision was not whether it was right or wrong in his opinion.   The Grand Jury made a decision based on the evidence it had…..the rest of us did not have that information, until now.

The Grand Jury is successful when it comes up with a decision based on the evidence, whether it was an indictment or a decision not to indict.  Period!

This is a good example of the mainstream media manipulating and influencing public opinion.  This isn’t the first time Williams has reported the way he wants you to hear the story, the Brian Williams Twist.