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arlin report thought(s) of the day: pandemic and teen eating disorders

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, there was a story that the Pandemic is tied to teen eating disorders, that the surge is tied to teens eating disorders! REALLY!? They want this pandemic to be tied to everything anymore. If you have a blister on your foot or hand/finger, the media will claim it is due to the continuance of the pandemic. We now know the cause of every ailment, every disease, every little sniffle and sneeze. It is the pandemic. Have a recent heart attack? I guess it was the PANDEMIC.

We are the ignorant if we continue to buy into everything the media tells us. This is more of the same crap to direct us, instruct us, tell us how to live, because we aren’t smart enough to live our lives on our own. The media has taken up the Hillary Clinton Policy of governing. They want control, control and more control. They like it and they don’t want to give it up! They really do think we are stupid. What is next? I don’t have 20/20 vision, is it because of COVID?

I gotta go folks the pandemic is making me hungry!

bill gates on nbc’s today show: arlin report thought(s) of the day

Savannah Guthrie interviewed Bill Gates on NBC’s TODAY SHOW (Mainstream Media). The heart of the interview was the progress (WHATEVER!) of the vaccine for COVID-19. Savannah of course asked Gates his opinion on President Trump suspending funds to W.H.O (the UN favorite pathetically supported World Health Organization). Gates, as you can guess correctly opposes the suspension. (Bill just add in your own funds if you think W.H.O. is so wonderful). I’m sure he does anyway so he can insert his voice. Gates also injected a statement (dig) that the U.S. was not at the fore-front of scientific development of the vaccine.

Gates on NBC TODAY spreading his agenda of vaccination (ID2020, digital ID though he failed to mention, from what I heard the IDs, which he really wants). The vaccine is just the means for the ID.


Bill Gates go back to watching Tiger King with your daughter! Bill put your little sweater on and STAY HOME!

Another thought: Some areas in Missouri are opening back up TODAY. Golf, (have tee time for Monday). Yeah: Franklin County, Missouri taking the lead!!